SPAM email & anti-spam filters

There’s -got- to be a better way! GAH! I have an anti-spam filter; right now, it’s set on “medium,” meaning that I’m still getting spam. It’s either the viagra/cialis offers or the “buy your Rxs online” ones. Along with a few porno ones on occasion. I could kick it up to the highest level of filtering, although that would mean ensuring that people that I -want- to get emails from are in my address book.

Who is sending these spam emails? Are they part of a “work from home” scheme–is it some poor schnook just trying to make some money or are they mass-mailed same as the bulk mail we already get in out real mail box? Why doesn’t blocking the sender ever work? Isn’t the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) supposed to be doing something about spam email? Is there really anything that they can do?! I’ve really just about had it with the perpetrators of SPAM email. And don’t get me started on the spyware crap! My gods, I had to take my CPU in to be cleaned up it had so much spyware on it. :frowning: Now I’ve got a spyware blocker and have to run that every time I log onto the Internet.

I suppose this is a lame rant, but at least I’m able to vent some steam about this crap.

Heh, was so aggravated about spam that I neglected to notice that I named the scripts ones twice! That should have been ones for 'scripts and ones for ultra cheap software. Has anyone ever bought that ultra-cheap software, btw?! Is it for real? (As if!)