Spam Filter?

I’m getting somewhere between 20-30 spam emails a day. I’m missing legitimate messages as I can’t find them in the mess.

I use Netscape. What’s the best thing I can do to filter out this Spam?

I typed ‘netscape spam filter’ into my search & got this:

You might find some other URLs that way.

Heck, “Dr. Fidelius” is my spam-trap. Anything important is done off a different address.

But my “real” name doesn’t get anywhere near the amount of porn…


and yet I was looking for someone that had experience to suggest which was best, and how best to use it…

…And if you look a little further at that site, you will see that it requires a unix shell.

I don’t even a clam shell.

Hi Scylla,

Here is a program that you can use to bounce mail back.

Bounce Mail

It makes your address look like it does not exist to spammers,hopefully they give up after getting a bounce back several times. I have not used it personally though as I don’t get much that my filters don’t catch.

I use message filters (within Netscape) to direct stuff directly to the trash and give it a quick look before giving it the final dump. I set a filter to send mail to trash if it does not contain one of my valid email address. i.e. if to does not contain send to trash.
I set filters to send known recipients to thier own folders.
If I think of anything else I’ll post again. Perhaps your groundhogs are seeking revenge via spam?

Since my first experience with Spam I tend to use my teeth as a filter.

Scylla, no Unix? Alrightie. But hey, you might try another email reader like Free Agent that lets you filter things out by word or user or subject. Free from

Of course, you’d have to set it up, but the nice thing is that its an independent operating program e.g. no registry entries.

I use Eudora Light, which let’s you set up filters as in netscape. It’s taken some tweeking, but about 98% of the spam goes to my trash bin, and about 98% of what get’s automatically trashed is spam.

Some suggestions,
You can filter in stuff you want, so for emails from servers or people you expect to be good stuff (or you can send it to a ‘new’ In Box).

You can filter out things like XXX or big breasts or lolita.

You can also filter on your name not being in the To: box (but you might want to be sure it checks the cc: also).

There are some good sites for netscape filters that I found several years ago when I was having problems. I’ll see if I can find them.