Spam from Social Networking Sites?

How likely or possible is it that a message from a friend of mine in MySpace is actually from a spammer?

I got a message from a female friend who I haven’t seen in a while, and it said “I think this is you at” When you go to, you have to go through an upsell screen where they try to subscribe you to a text and ringtone service.

I don’t know how savvy the friend is with either computers or with these kinds of subscriptions. I think she sent it without thinking about the ringtone deal, but I also wonder if some nefarious force is working through her open account in myspace.

By default anyone on Myspace can message you. I think it’s more probably someone has used their avatar and display name to send you the spam than actually phished their account info.

People’s Myspaces get hacked all the time. Don’t know why or how, but it’s fairly common to get a bulletin from a friend who should know better proclaiming an easy way to get $200 Macy’s gift cards. Just flag as spam and tell your ninny friend to change their password.

Macy’s and Starbucks gift card comments from friends happen (or happened) pretty often.

Either your friend clicked on a link that was some kind of script to make her send that to you or her myspace was phished