SPAM question

I don’t have a big problem with SPAM. I get 15-25 e-mails a day and it’s no big thing to just trash the excess. Spammers gotta make a living too. YMMV

My question… what makes them think that if they pre-date the e-mail, I’ll be more likely to open it. IF I opened something from someone I didn’t know (I don’t… ever) it sure as hell wouldn’t be something dated 12-31-69! :rolleyes:

WAG: an attempt to somehow bypass any filters you may have installed.

To bury it in your Inbox. If you have your incoming mail arranged by date/time and you’re manually deleting, you’re not going to see the misdated email. Once you’re done, your email program will still show one unread message. So if you hit Next Message, it’ll automatically go to the misdated email, and you’ll see it.

from the SPAM website