Spam: Why no rock?

The popular phrase is “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll,” so why are only two-thirds of the phrase represented in my spam filter? Why is it “sex, drugs, and watches?” Watches!? It’s not because it’s not possible to sell music on the internet. And it’s not that you couldn’t lure people with music for whatever nefarious purposes the blank and word salad spam serves.

So what gives? Is the RIAA really that scary? Is rock too holy to besmirch? Any ideas?

What money is there to be made from (shady) dealings in music through email? Anyone who wants to purchase music on the internet has a pretty easy time of it. And anyone who wants to get it without purchase can probably figure that out, too.

I don’t think I get any spam with the word ‘rock’ in it. Well, there’s ‘rock hard,’ but that’s usually associated with the other two words.