good job mods…this happen often/ever? Just getting the link off the front page

Well, it looks like Y/J-25 is banned and I suppose the mess will be cleaned up. I want to apologize if I did or said anything inappropriate this morning. I simply logged in and realized what was up and thought maybe it needed stopping. I’m unsure of what the procedure is when a SDMB member realizes the boards are under assault.

anyway…mods. feel free to delete any and all posts I’ve made this morning regarding the xxx links.

Have a good day…I’ll see y’all later, Peace…:slight_smile:

No prob, t-keela, thanks for the help…

Best procedure is to e-mail mods and admins asap. We can mass delete all the posts of a spammer like that with a single blow, and that’s easier than going through and trying to handle each and every one. So, it would have been easier for you (and easier for us) if you’d just alerted us. However, we appreciate your thought and efforts.

In this case, we’ve banned the spammer and deleted all the posts, although the name still seems to show as “most frequent post”, alas.

What big red button?

WTF was that? Y/J-25 shows up as last poster on all the ATMB threads. Glad t-keela picked it up.