Spammer Justice

I’ve always said, “There is no justice except death”, however…
This news article about a spammer who may face 25 years in jail proves to me I don’t have erectile dysfunction.

I’d like to take this opportunity to mention an excellent aid for HTML writers. If you have a web site I suggest you use this E-mail Link Obfuscator to cut down on the amount of spam you receive.

Unless he’s spending his sentence covered in honey and staked out on a fire ant hill (fire ants are at least 400% more painful than regular ants) it’s not true justice. I don’t like fire ants, but I REALLY don’t like spammers.

Eh, I still think I prefer the Russian approach.

I’vae always favored an apology letter for every spam sent written by hand (perhaps in blood)


I can’t officially endorse such a thing. However, I will not be shedding any tears for that spammer.