Spanish Civil Servant skips work for six years!

I found this amusing. Here is the link to the story :

My Hero.

The best part is they didn’t realize he wasn’t showing up until they went to give him an award.


I like this part, about what he did with his time:

All he did was read about Spinoza at home instead of at his desk. Don’t see much of a difference…

One of my great-aunts was a civil servant in Madrid. When she’d held the job for a few months, her manager called her on always being a few minutes late although not enough to warrant an official reprimand*. Her response: “yes, but I come after I’ve read the newspaper.” Her coworkers read it at work.

  • There actually is a national law defining “late to work” as “by more than 15 minutes.”

In my country it’s traditional to eat gnocchi on the 29th of every month, hence the derogatory term for public servants of gnocchi… because they only show up at the end of the month to collect their salary.