Spanish: England is Inglaterra, but

Iceland is somewhat like that, in that it is not a translation but just a conversion to Spanish spelling (coincidentally making it look like the name is a reference to it being an island); a direct translation would be Hieloterra.

And to an extent, the Spanish usage may correlate historically to how when the Low Countries rebelled, the Hapsburgs held on to Flanders, but eventually had to yield the northern Netherlands, dominated by Holland, so the synecdoche stuck when referring to the breakaway provinces.

And yes, the “-landias” are not meant to be translations but transliterations.

I don’t think that Jutland is a country unto itself, is it? I think it is part of Denmark.

But it’s original name isn’t Greenland, it’s in Danish and it sounds to us as “Groenland”. The “landia” names aren’t translations, they’re the original name with that “a” or “ia” tacked on in order to be able to pronounce it.

Jutlandia isn’t a country, no. And?

Maybe it’s just because I’m unfamiliar with it, but “Inglalanda/Inglalandia” sounds really weird. That could be another reason.

But I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Real Academia try to suggest some ind of name change to make things more consistent. Méjico indeed…

ñañi, the Méjico spelling wasn’t a proposal by the Academias. It was something people (non-academics) were doing.

Anglolandia?, PelasgoCeltaRomanoAngloSajónNormandoLandia?

Eerk, if we did that would we also have to speak about the Península Celtibéricolusitanavasconaustrigona? And that’s leaving out a ton of tribes!

Let me see, something like Peninsula IbericoCelticoRomanoVisigodoArabe?

Well Deuschland / Germany is the weird one. I get Italia -> Italy or even England -> Inglaterra… But Deuschland / Germany / Alemania is pretty dramatic switches.

I read up on that one, and the basic story here is apparently it basically has its roots in whatever a given people’s name was for them-all-over-yonder (as in “Not us.”)

No, it’s just another example of a geographical area (the large Danish peninsula, the “land of the Jutes”) that uses “-landia” in Spanish (and I said “countries and areas” in my post.)

Yeah, I wastotally wrongabout this. My bad. :slight_smile:

We hope you “read up on that one” here! Gotta represent for ol’ Cecil…this is the SDMB, after all. :wink: