Spanish-English-Spanish dictionary?

I’m a Spanish student and I’m looking for a good comprehensive dictionary to increase my vocabulary. The two I’m considering at the moment are the HarperCollins Spanish Concise Dictionary and the Random House Spanish-English English-Spanish Dictionary. The HarperCollins seems to be very on edge culturally and it has enough technological terms and acronyms (though I didn’t do a thorough analysis) but the Random House one seems pretty good as well and the price is more appealing ($15 vs. $6—not that much of a difference but enough to pique my interest).

Any suggestions? What should I go about looking for in this kind of dictionary?

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I’ve got the Larousse Pocket Spanish-English English-Spanish dictionary. It’s good for a lot of idiomatic expressions and such, but it uses British English, which doesn’t always work if you are an American- “What the heck is a lorry?!” [sub]Yes, I know what it is now. But I didn’t in 9th grade[/sub]. I don’t remember whether the Random House dictionary (the one most of my classmates have) has vulgarities or not, but I know my Larousse dictionary does, which I always found interesting. And it only cost me $4.50 (American).

For nouns, consider the Oxford-Duden Pictorial dictionary. It’s PACKED with things – especially “specialisms” – that you’ll never find in a regular dictionary.

It also works well for naming things in English that you never knew the name for!