Spanish Inquisition

Just wondering if anyone knows the names of some famous Grand Inquisitors. Other than the real famous guys (Tomas de Torquemada, and to a lesser extent Francisco Ximenez) there doesn’t seem to be any others mentioned by name anywhere online.

[Michael Palin voice]

NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition! Our chief weapon is surprise … surprise and fear … fear and surprise … Our two weapons are fear and surprise … and ruthless efficiency … Our three weapons are fear, surprise and ruthless efficiency … and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope … Our four … no … Amongst our weapons … Amongst our weaponry … are such elements as fear, surprise … I’ll come in again. [/Michael Palin voice]

Sorry…I just had to.

(had to)

Since the word ‘Inquisition’ developed a negative connotation, the committe was re-named - ‘Community’ maybe?

They are the folks to whom pedophile priests are to be reported.

It’s nice to see them developing INTERNAL interests, don’t you think?

He wasn’t part of the Spanish Inquisition, but there was John Store, Chancellor of Oxford under Queen Mary. He was pretty famous for being fanatical in his hunting down and killing of Protestants.

happyheathen’s right - the Inquisition is (since 1965) known as the Congregation for the Doctine of the Faith, and is currently headed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. Link.

I think, though, that the name is not the only thing that’s changed since Torquemada’s day.

I’m quite sure that pedophile priests are NOT a new thing in the Catholic church; good thing they have someone to report that to;)

I was just inquiring as to the names of some other famous inquisitors of that particular time (Spanish Inquisition appointed by Ferdinand and Isabella; not answerable to the pope; real bad-asses)

“Hey Torquemada, whaddaya say?”
“I just got back from the autodafe.”
“Autodafe? What’s an autodafe?”
“It’s what you ought’nt do but you do it anyway!”

“The Inquisiiiiiiition, (what a show!)
The Inquisiiiiiiition, (here we go!)
I’ll bet you’re wiiiiishin’ that we’d go awaaay…
But the Inquisition’s here, and it’s here to staaaaaaaaay!”