Spanish Radio

I’ve been listening to a jazz podcast that I DL from the Zune Marketplace. It’s in Spanish; although my Spanish isn’t great, I can generally pick up a few words here and there in spoken conversation.

The announcer opens every show with a monologue that inclues the words “Radio Tres, de Radio Nacional de Espana,” which means “Radio 3 of Spanish National Radio,” which I take to mean that this show is broadcast over the airwaves in Spain on government-supported radio.

What I don’t get is the announcer’s tendency to talk (and talk and talk and talk) between songs. I don’t understand most of what he’s saying, but I tend to pick up dates and ages pretty frequently, as wells as English names and then Spanish words for instruments. This leads me to conclude that the announcer tends to discuss the performers of a song in exacting detail between sets.

Is this typical of Spanish (and European in general) radio; which is to say, play a song, and then talk about it in exacting detail for ten + minutes?

FWIW, when I lived in Japan they did this as well. Only in Japan they would play a small snippet of the song (say, a minute or so), and then spend the next half an hour talking about it while it played very quietly behind the announcers’ voices. Does this still go on on Japanese radio?