Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

We knew Spartacus had to revolt, but it could have waited until S3 or whenever. We know what happens, but not where they’ll put what in the series.

I haven’t started watching S2 yet, but I’m glad it’s a prequel because I love Batiatus and Lucretia. I’m gonna miss them, if there’s an S3.

Liam has more than a passing resemblance to Andy, I’ll give them that.

The champion was a bit over the top. A drunken sex maniac? A blindfolded street fight? Batiatus’ victory sure didn’t last long.

I love the drunken-sex-maniac-blindfolded-street-fighter guy. I hope he doesn’t have some deeper backstory. I hope he’s just a street-fighting-drunken-sex-maniac because a he’s self-destructive sociopath, and they make the best gladiators.

Stephen DeKnight was always my favorite BtVS/AtS writer, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I really love this show. I think this episode was better than the first episode of S1, which was seemed so dull to me that I almost gave up. I’m glad we got right to the beheadings and the John Hannah and Lucy Lawless Are Made of Win show.

Of course, seeing all the relationships they’ve set up explicitly to be destroyed, I know this season will bring the emotional pain as well. What can be worse than watching a 15 year old force Spartacus to kill his best and only friend? I’m sure we’re going to find out!

Not me, though even for me the amount they put in there is just about right, as opposed to everything else I’ve ever seen where I thought to myself: “This could use more sex and boobies.” So I hear where you’re coming from.

First episode was awesome, IMO. Still a little too bloody for my taste. Lots of blood should be par for course, of course, but they like to have to spurting and spraying everywhere.
Sex and boobies - just right. Story - shaping up nicely. Spraying blood - still making me look away.

The dialogue seems a little stiff sometimes. Are they are trying to use translated Latin phrases?

I dig it like a garden! I’m a little bummed that we never get to see Onemaus in his prime but I can understand not wanting to rehash the battle w/ Theocolese (yikes SP) and convalescence.

Batiatus and Solonius, Lucreitia’s relationships with Crixus and Gaia, Barca’s got a different lover, Ashur is still a shitheel and maybe we get to see Crixus stab him :slight_smile: All kinds of good stuff!

The first episode does feel a little more like porn which I’m okay with but I don’t know why it had to get pornier right when my folks started watching.:smack:

So watching this episode, I didn’t recognize the actress who plays Gaia at all. She just didn’t look at all familiar, so much so that I’d even forgotten it was posted in the thread.

Then at the end in the three-way with Batitius and Lucretia, the instant Gaia’s shirt came off I immediately thought “Hey, that’s Dexter’s psycho ‘titty girlfriend’,” as Deb called her.

Yes, I didn’t recognize her face, but I did recognize her boobs. Instantly. That’s just so wrong. (In my defense, she was nake a lot on that season of Dexter.)

Well, pardon her tits.

Ok is this season a lot more; gay, then the last one?

And did anyone notice that

The Syrian who pissed on the rival Laneista (sp?) seemed to have a prosthetic penis? It almost looked plastic…in late Republican Rome?

In your defense a google search brings up this

I thought it looked like a fake dick too.

Also agreed that there’s too much gayness. It may be historically accurate, but come on, I’'m watching the show to see gore and to see Lucy Lawless having lesbian sex scenes.

Poor Jango Fett I say. The Persian Ambassador really was a git.

Yup. I want to see Xena naked. Its bad enough that I have to see Jonathon from the Mummy naked as well without seeing gay sex scene as well.

Yeah, at least get Rachel Weisz in there!

And Annck-sa what ever her name was.

Too much gayness? Nice double standards, boys. Speaking as someone who is just as interested as you are in seeing more women, as a member of the Tribe of Deviants I think it is all refreshing to see.

No double standards. I am paying good money here. And not to see some guys dong, or another guy sucking the same.

Finally the whole gayness aspect has derailed at least one Character, Barca, last season he was a great gladiator with one hell of a exotic background, and his relationship with that scrawny kid was brilliant to watch, and what is he doing now? Kissing some guy, having sex with some other guy, in midst of sexual excitement…with another guy, we have seen little of Barca’s skills or the skills that he would have been known for anyway.

Lucretia was fun to watch because she was such an interesting character not not just because Lucy Lawless has mammary glands to die for.

I don’t know if a face palm picture has ever been more deserved.

It doesn’t seem any gayer than it was last season, to me at least. Less gay, actually, IMO, since I find romantic scenes between guys about a billion times gayer than gay guys having sex. (That’s why I found Alexander to be the gayest movie ever made, being two hours of longing looks.)

When Barca and his little buddy were planning their future together last season, super duper gay. Barca making out with some random gladiator? Meh.

EDIT: Though on a conceptual level, there’s nothing hypocritical or double-standardy about wanting to see stuff you like and not wanting to see stuff you don’t like. You’d think this would be obvious.

I’m really loving this prequel, too bad it’s only a short 6 episodes!!