Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

The new installment kicks off on Jan 21st on STARZ, and the 6 episodes will start streaming on Netflix on Jan 22nd, just like Season 1.

This will be a prequel, which I wasn’t aware of, and I’m stoked to have Lucretia and Batiatus not only back, but in their power-lusting youthful prime.

Season 1 is also back on Netflix streaming as well, in case you missed it the first time or want to watch it again.

Spartacus was a weird show. I didn’t care for the first episode, but stayed for teh boobies… and by the the end of the third episode I was hooked. It’s a shame we can’t have a sequel, but it’ll be good to see Batiatus in all his slimy glory again.

I believe that they are still (eventually) doing a sequel. They’ll be casting a new actor in the part of Spartacus. The prequel was just a stopgap while they waited to find out whether Whitfield would be able to return.

I will definitely watch it, but too bad we already know Batiatus will not get killed at the end.

Can’t wait. I love this show.

I recorded the first episode of the original, watched half of it and deleted it. The splashing blood was too much and the story seemed old and poorly acted. I tried it again around episode 8 and was blown away. Fortunately I managed to catch the back episodes.

I tried showing my son when he was home from college but he thought is seemed a bit gay. I can understand what he means, we were watching a lot of sweaty men in loin cloths. So, if I only watch Sparticus for the nekked women and the action might I still be gay?

His name is Liam McIntyre.

I cannot wait for this. Spartacus was my favourite show of last year by far and yeah, it got massively better after the first few episodes. I think I knew it was true tv love for me when that one gladiator from The Pit tore the skin off some poor wretch’s face and then he stood there, waving the skin about shouting “Who here will FACE me?!” (Or words to that effect). Fantastic.

In grimmer news, that’s a real shame about Andy Whitfield, the poor guy :frowning: I know the producers had held off doing season 2 because they hoped he’d make a quick recovery. Rotten for everyone all around that this hasn’t happened yet. The show ill really miss him, I think. He took a little while to find his feet but by the end of season one, I thought his mix of wry humour and general air of pragmatism was an essential part of the show. I used to find his little amused sideways glances at Batiatus both hilarious and unerving in equal measure.

The lead was the least interesting part of Spartacus, so I can’t say I’ll really miss him (though I hope his health recovers, of course). The villains were the best part, so I have high hopes for the new series, even if it is a shudder, prequel.

That is such groovy news! I’m really glad there will be more than just Gods of the Arena.

GotA has great potential though. I’m glad we get to see more of Lucretia and Batiatus plus we get Onemaus backstory and foxy Jaime Murray - hot damn!

The comments on Liam’s pic are hilarious. It is a rather severe widow’s peak and the length of the buzz cut does not help. But trivial superficiality aside, he’s quite a handsome bloke and I wish him well and look forward to seeing what he can do with the role.

So did anyone watch the first episode? I like that we’re getting the backstories to several characters I thought we’d never see again, like Barca and the guy who I forgot his name who was Batiatus’s right-hand-man, the guy with the limp. And more Crixus!

Watching it right now, if I can stay awake.

First episode was fun, Batiatus and his wife may be my favorite TV villains.

It is kinda suffering from being a prequel though, both because we already spent all of last season in the Gladiator school and because we already pretty much know what happens to most of the characters. They really need to introduce some new angle.

With only 5 episodes left, I’m trying to ratchet down my expectations for much of a story arch. I’m hoping that watching how marriages/alliances/etc dissolve from where they are now to where they were when Season 1 began will be enough.

Crixus doesn’t seem very small for all of the taunting he’s getting. Is he short and I just don’t remember?

I have not seen any of this series, as I don’t get STARZ and I don’t have a streaming video option. I absolutely loved Rome. Should I get off my ass and get the capability to see Spartacus?

Liked it, but (I didn’t even think it was possible, really) I’m getting a little tired of all the sex and nudity. I know, right? That’s what I tuned in for in the first place. But every time someone started getting it on again, I said to my husband, “Because it’s so decadent, get it?” Yeah, we get it. Lesbian sex, homosexual sex, heterosexual sex, masterbating while watching others, yeah, I get it.

I do wonder when Lucretia gets over her opinion of “they’re slaves, heavens no!” though.

Yea, if you liked Rome, I’d recommend it.

Give it a few episodes though. The lead character is kinda forgettable (and seems to be doing a Russel Crowe impression), and at first it seems like its going to be a kinda lazy lowest-common denominator thing where they rip off a few recent popular movies (Gladiator and 300) and dial the sex and violence up to 11.

But its good in-spite of itself. Beyond the lead, almost every character in the relatively large cast is interesting, well acted and fun to watch, in much the same way Rome was, and they all end up with satisfying arcs through the season.

Yea, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a TV series thats quite so close to softcore porn. Except softcore porn is supposed to be arousing, while Spartacus intercuts every sex scene with images of someone getting hacked to death, which while I’m sure some people are into, is probably not a common turn-on. There’s a stereotype of someone moving to California hoping to make it big directing movies, and instead falls into directing porn, always wishing they could be out filming the next Citizen Kane. Our theory is that one of the writers or directors on Spartucus is like a reverse case of this, stuck by peer-pressure making TV dramas while deep in his heart, wishing he could just get out and make a remake of Debbie Does Dallas.

OK. Good advice. I shudder to think I almost gave up on *Rome *after the first 2 episodes because I couldn’t keep track of who was who.

I liked it. Slightly worryingly, I did think it dragged a little at times which is unfortunate considering the smooth groove S1 developed. I’m hoping that’s just first episode jitters. Not thrilled to see Jaime Murray show up as Gaia either. I disliked her in Hustle and Dexter so I’m not pleased she#s pitched up here.

On the upside, I do have hope that they’re turning the main weakness of prequels, us knowing the ending already, into a strength by doing as best they can to just turn all that into foreshadowing. Or to make me scratch my head and say stuff like ‘Well obviously I know how it turns out in the end but I’m interested in how it does". So, like how I know Solonius and Batiatus’ friendship will sour to the point where, by S1, they cordially detest each other but I’m curious to find out what went (will go?) wrong. The show’s also fortunate that there’s a thread running all through season 1 about Fate vs Free Will so hopefully a prequel will play into that feeling somehow.

It’s also just kind of great to see some characters that were killed off in season 1 all alive again, like Barca. I admire the way the show just brutally kills off strong characters - it keeps the viewer on their toes! - but at the same time I was sorry when that one happened.

By the way, is this whole thing supposed to be taking place in Batiatus’ dying thoughts, a la Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge?

Yea, I was complaining about it being a prequel to, for the same reason, till my gf pointed out that we more or less knew how S1 was going to end too because, well, history.