Spartacus Vengeance,

Well it did not disappoint. Enough blood, gratutious nudity and sex to satiate even the most demanding and discerning types.

While I like the new guy, its difficult to see him in the role. He seems to have decided on a new approach rather than copying the late Andy Whitfield, which has promise.

Nice to see Lucy Lawless again (in all her glory;)). I will miss John Hannah, his scheming Batiatus made the earlier seasons so memorable.

Couple of questions

Where the hell was Gannicus. Dustin Clare did such a great job in the prequel, please tell me he is coming soon. Ditto Ashur.

And for the historians in the crowd

Did Glaba actually go to Capua, I though he was sent with legions to chase after the efforts had failed.

And from the Brothel scene, did they have pegging in those days. And Dildos?

I don’t want to speak ill of the recently deceased, but Whitfield’s Spartacus was the least interesting part of the first season. Hopefully new-guy will put a more interesting spin on it.

Gannicus is supposed to come back somewhere around episode 5, I think. Also, I saw a promo shot for episode 2 that included Ashur.

Overall, it was an okay episode. It felt like a transitional episode, trying to get all the pieces in order to get back on track. I think the new Spartacus did a decent job and I expect he’ll get better as the season goes on.

As an aside, real Gladiator fights have referees?

The last outing was good. It was great to see

The Batiatus men again, though we see the younger as a boy. I really hope John Hannah has at least a cameo

I’m thinking Lucretia is faking it so she can bide her time and deal out the come-uppence to end all come-uppences. Plus that fits in with the “vengeance” theme.

And once again the least interesting part of Spartacus is Spartacus. I would guess its hard to write stories around him since unlike most of the other characters, the audience knows what happens to him historically. In retrospect, they should’ve just named the series “Blood and Boobs in Ancient Rome” and ditched hanging it around a historical figure.

We don’t know his fate before and after the uprising.

The producers did make a big point of saying “Everyone knows Spartacus was crucified right? Nope, that’s that was just from the movie. The truth is much more complicated.”

I actually really liked old Spartacus and haven’t warmed to the new actor.

Heh, I thought he was crucified as well. Ah well, I guess that does give the writers some elbow room as far as endings go.

Well we do know Criuxs fate. He sperates from Spartacus and get his head handed to him. This leads to Sparty sacrificing 300 Roman prisoners in his honour


Well Crixus has been captured. How much do you want to bet that, the masked Gladiator we saw in the final scene is Gannicus?


Doctore now knows about Gannicus and the Mrs

Yeah. I involuntarily :rolleyes: every time he’s on screen, because all of his dialogue sounds like it was lifted directly out of the script for Braveheart.

I recall reading somewhere that real gladiator fights, while obviously extremely dangerous, were not always the “two men enter, one man leaves” death matches portrayed in popular media.

Clearly from this weeks episode she has some sort of plan for Countess Fingerbangus.

Ok, the series seems to be playing a game of “can we top that” WRT the the blood and boobs. They overreached this last episode.

Good to see

Gannicus back

This was a pretty awesome episode, all things considered.

Did Glaber

have to crucify that poor chick?
Or fuck Seppia whatshername

And is it just me, or they have finally managed to reach the too much territory with respect to the blood?

Screwing Seppia made sense. Its pretty obvious his current marriage isn’t going to last, so he’ll need another aristocratic wife soon.

An episode or two ago, Spartacus and Gannicus are fighting with swords and Gannicus cuts into Spartacus’s back. They do there usual blood splashing effect where a gout of blood splashes out and appears to soak half the screen. Ten seconds later, we see Spartacus from the back, and he has a small red scratch on his back that neither appears to be bleeding or holding him back at all.

So yea, they could probably dial it back a little.

Without spoiling the most recent episode (Sacramentum), I’d agree that, yes, the show went over the top with gore. I had to turn my head because that scene was so gross.

You couldn’t face it?