Spartacus: Blood and Sand

I didn’t see a thread on this new series from Starz. Either I’m the only one who watched it last weekend or everyone who did was too embarrassed to admit it. Myself, I don’t know what to think. The premier left me a little stunned. Someone from NPR characterized it as “like 300 without the subtlety”, which somewhat captures my feelings about it as well. I plan on continuing to watch but I’m not sure way, maybe for new historical insights, maybe not.

I watched it. I could ask what was subtle about 300 but I agree with the description of the show and I would also add “low budget” to the description. I’ll come back for episode two but that’ll be it unless it improves significantly.

Well, it DOES have Lucy Lawless starring in it, so it can’t be that bad, can it?

I can’t say that it’s bad. Just not what I was expecting. I guess I kinda wanted it to be like Rome but it is painfully apparent that Spartacus has no where near the budget that Rome did. I suppose that they are planning on making up the budget shortfall with even more gratuitous nudity.

Starring? She was in only one scene. Maybe two.

No, she didn’t get much screen time in this episode. Most of it went to – what’s his name? … Spartacus. But she is supposed to be a major character in the overall series.

I guess I didn’t get that hint she would be a major character from watching the episode. Maybe I was distracted by all the boobage. :smiley:

I was also hoping for something like Rome. (I really liked that show and was sorry that they ended it after only two seasons.) But Rome was more political and this was more about the battles (with really prominently rendered blood spatter).

I really hated all the slow-mo blood splatters & fight scenes. I don’t like that stylistic device - it looks like a video game (with extra nudity) and seems to be devoid of a plot.

I am really not impressed.

Its the visual style of 300 with the plot from gladiator and the blatant homo-eroticism from both replaced with a shit ton of tits. I’ll be watching.

I was kind of annoyed by the overdone blood spatter, even though I liked 300. The 4 on 1 fight was too much like the Rocky movies, he just gets beat up for a while then suddenly wins. Boring to watch. He never should have gotten up after that smack to the back of the head that released a gallon of blood. I hope all the fights aren’t like that.

I wasn’t impressed with the first episode, but maybe there will be more John Hannah and Lucy Lawless in the second, when Spartacus goes to gladiator training.

I was amused by the special effects for scene transitions, although I don’t think they were intentionally funny. They seem to be playing the show seriously.

The disclaimer at the beginning was hilarious. “We’re only showing violence and nudity in order to be authentic.”

I don’t know about the second episode specifically, but, from what I’ve heard, you get to see ALL of them eventually.

This makes me feel better - I get Encore as part of the package, but haven’t ponied up for Starz. Once I realized they were only showing the first ep on Encore to get you to buy Starz, I decided not to watch in case it was the best thing ever and I got hooked. Now I can tell myself that I didn’t miss anything!

The first episode is already available on Netflix streaming, by the way.

From what I’ve read they ditched the homo-eroticism for an actual homo. One of the gladiators is supposed to be gay and there will be sex scenes.

I’d find the link but I am at work and I am pretty sure it was on fleshbot.

Saw the billboards. Figured they had their genres mixed up. “Spartacus” is Roman gladiators, right? And “Blood and Sand” is about bullfighting set some 2000 years later, also right?


No Lucy Lawless? I’ll sit that one out.

And I doubt you’ll see John Hannah’s SIGNIFICANT bald spot. I’ve been playing my receding hairline since when I used it to justify my jibes at my brother’s. Brother’s pate is almost bare. Hannah’s is not much better. My own? I use it to poke bun at balding kids 30 years younger because, in reality, they can only PRAY they will still have as much hair when they are my age. :smiley:

I will be watching. It was stupid, but I thought it looked cool, and I enjoyed all of the nudity (would you really eat her out after she had been traveling all day without a bath?)

I don’t know who and when those people are but recall your teen years and the options presented to you then.