Speak only to me in Sovereign Citizen babble

This “thread” (TDC, nunc pro tunc) is to post creative Sovereign Citizen style ridiculousness. You many also post quotations or adaptations from actual Sovereign Citizen pleadings, arguments, etc. Off-topic postings are accepted for value, payable to my appointed agents in Lawful Money only.

robert-columbia clbp, a Common Law body politic incorporated under the laws of the British Province of Massachusetts Bay, agents for Robert:COLUMBIA, sovereign citizen of the Commonwealth Republic of Virginia (not Commonwealth of Virginia)

The sovereign citizen known as “CHRONOS” will not enjoin to address the pronoun-constructed artificial persona known as “you”, nor will said “CHRONOS” address or create joinder to any other pronoun. Said “CHRONOS” will engage in discourse, address, exchange, or commerce only with ACTUAL REAL PERSONS, such as the person known as “ROBERT-COLUMBIA”.

The fringe on your post invalidates any authority you have over this thread.

Zakalwe, as an overseas banking association subject to UCC-332, lacks subject matter and personal jurisdiction over the present entity, which is also hereby expressly disclaimed. As a non-statutory person lacking in jurisdiction, he has no standing to challenge the authority of a citizen. DENIED, no levy due.

My FEE SCHEDULE for reading any Members’ or Charter Members’ replies to this post will be FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS PER HOUR or portion thereof; or ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS PER HOUR or portion thereof if the reply comes from a Moderator, Administrator, or any employee of the Chicago Reader, or the Chicago Sun-Times. Further, if I reply to any post, including but not limited to messages, statements, claims, or assertions, my FEE SCHEDULE will be FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS PER HOUR, or portion thereof, payable by the Member, Charter Member, Moderator, Administrator, or any employee of the Chicago Reader, or the Chicago Sun-Times to whom I am replying.