Speaker for the Dead: soon to be VE5 AMF.

I passed the Basic Qualification for my Amateur Radio Certificate last Thursday. Right now I’m waiting for my call to appear on the RAC site. It’s not like I can really do much, but I want to register on QRZ.com and put it on my resume. My dad is buying me a small handheld to be my first radio. I’m in the city, and I don’t have HF priveleges yet, so it’s not a big deal that I don’t have a huge setup to begin. There’re four or five repeaters around town, anyway.

I’m reading Ham Radio for Dummies as a sort of crash course on the practical side of radio work. To complement that (and work towards getting on HF), I’m learning Morse code with one of the free programs on QRZ.com.

Overall, I think I’m deserving of congratulations :D.



Find KA5 PIV (not me), if he’s still out there. He was pretty cool. Tell him you have a Unitar zoom lens you need warranty service on. I bet he laughs.

You’re such a Ham!


Congrats! Have fun with it.

Fantastic. Congratulations. One of these days, I want to post a frequency, and see how many ham Dopers can hear me. Post your call sign anyway so that I know who to call if I’m ever within repeater range.