Speaker's Tae Kwon Do tournament...

Well, I lost, as was to be expected. On the minus side, I also aquired a few unpleasant injuries. In my second (of 3) sparring match, I fell from ~two feet up, and my knee took most of the fall, so it swelled up pretty badly, on top of pseudo-jamming my toe so my foot felt like it had a cramp in it for the next few hours. To literally add insult to injury, my best friend was completely unsympathetic, and on top of laughing about it, she basically said “So? Why would I care when you basically expect to get hurt?”.

Luckily a few other people were nicer than that. :mad:

That does suck man. At least you did it in a tournament though. The last time I was seriously hurt in martial arts I messed up my shoulder. In practice. While rolling.

It only hurt when I rolled over my left shoulder or twisted it just the wrong way. Problem is that in Aki Jutsu just about every technique does something unplesant to your shoulders…sigh. I was out of action for about a month and a half :stuck_out_tongue:

nothing bad. i got hurt all the time when i was in kung fu. especially saying my instructor had a metal knee brace and i used my shins for protection, sice they’re tough. but nothing can take a good hunk of metal! ouch, to say the least.