Speaking of comedy catchphrases...

“I thought I told you to WAIT IN THE CAR.”

Spoken by the top banana, in exasperation, to a dopey sidekick. Think of the George Burns/Gracie Allen relationship (although George would never be so rude).

All my attempts at Googling have taken me to a cute Tallulah Bankhead anecdote, or a song lyric by an unknown band.

In my mind’s eye and ear, I see and hear Milton Berle saying this. Can anyone help me find the source?

In my mind’s nose, I can even smell Uncle Miltie’s cigar.

I didn’t know it was an old joke, but when I read the quote I instantly heard Larry The Cable Guy yelling it at a heckler.

Not it, although he may have been referencing a much earlier reference.

Total guess:

Car 54, Where Are You?

Great show, but no Milton Berle.

Just guessing - It’s a Mad Mad Mad World contains both Milton and lots of cars to wait in.

That may be it. Did he end up in the car with Ethel Merman? Maybe it was Sid Caeser, she played his mother-in-law right?

Paul Simon said it to Art Garfunkel when Garfunkel accepted Olivia Newton John’s Grammy for Record of the Year in 1975. It was a perfect use of an obviously old quip.

Milton Berle’s mother-in-law.

No, Sid Ceasar was playing the role of Ernie Kovacs.

Cripes! I forgot all about that, it was Edie Adams playing his wife shortly after Kovacs death.

Gotta watch the movie again sometime, it’s been decades.

…meaning, he was playing the husband of Edie Adams.. An enviable position.

If Milton didn’t say it to Ethel Merman or Dorothy Provine, he must have said it to Terry-Thomas.

I just checked the script to the movie at Scripts.com. The line isn’t there.

This site https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/you-aint-heard-nuthin-yet-great-quotes-about-movies-tv.772267/ attributes it to Tallulah Bankhead, on seeing an old lover for the first time in years.

No, no, wasn’t in Mad Mad Mad Mad World.. And yeah, I know the Tallulah thing, see OP.

I’m almost certain it was Berle. Maybe on the teevee?

Off topic, but as long as Tallulah Bankhead is in the discussion, my favorite line was from a story she told about gambling in Vegas. When she rolled snake eyes, the croupier told her she had “crapped out.” And in that cigarette fueled drag queen voice, she replied, “I did whaaaaat?”