Speaking of The Watchmen, guess who wants to be Rorschach?

None other than WILL WHEATON.

I know he’s joking, but I can just imagine that prepubescent Wesley voice saying “I’m not locked in here with you. You’re locked in here with ME!”

Hey, Wheaton is a great choice for Rorschach! He’s an excellent actor who has proven that he wasn’t the problem with Wesley Crusher, lazy writing was the problem. Wheaton managed to create a believable character that people despised so much they couldn’t tell it from the actor (an all too common problem).

He gets my vote: Go get 'em Wheaton!

And he gets exploded at the end. Everyone wins!

I always thought Steve Buscemi would be the perfect Rorschach, particularly for all the unmasked scenes.

Let’s see, then we can have Jonathan Frakes as Dr. Manhattan (perfect for someone with no emotions), Brent Spiner as Night Owl, Marina Sirtis as Silk Spectre, a little ethnic rewriting and LaVar Burton can play Ozymandias.

Patrick Stewart would probably have to play the original Nite Owl. Not bulky enough for the Comedian.

It could work.

Recall that, when unmasked, Rorschach is (in appearance, at least) utterly unintimidating, and more than a little bit pathetic. Scruff up his hair and have the makeup crew give him bad skin and teeth, and I see it working.

Edward Norton, of course, is a safer choice, but comes with a much heftier pricetag.

But can Wheaton go, “Hurm”? That’s critical.

Seth Green for Rorschach. No contest.

Seth Green is too young looking. Maybe in 5 or 10 years he’d be the perfect Rorchach, though.

To be scrupulously accurate, Wil Wheaton didn’t actually say that he wanted to play Rorschach in the film; he merely stated that he wanted to put on a Rorschach mask and camp out on David Hayter’s lawn…and, really, who hasn’t wanted to do that?

Seriously tho’, it occurs to me that there are actually very few available parts in Watchmen that are even in Wil’s age range (what is he, late twenties these days?). Lets see… he could concievably be cast as Dr. Manhattan’s pal Wally, or the spaced-out copy boy at that right-wing magazine… hm, that’s about it, really. Unless he gets cast as one of the topknot gang members, which seems mildly unlikely.

Now Bill Mumy, he would make a kick-ass Rorschach.

I agree with Buscemi and Norton, but I think Johnny Depp would also make a great Rorsach.

Norton as Rorschach would be one of the few things that could make me think “maybe a Watchmen movie isn’t the worst idea ever conceived by man after all…”

WIZARD magazine did a Watchmen casting call years ago. I forget most of the parts, but they made a pretty good case for Christopher Reeve as Ozymandias on the basis of one example. (This was pre-paralysis, obviously.) “In the scene where he says he’ll have to catch the bullet – wouldn’t Superman’s smile look chilling here?”

I can see Chris Reeve as Ozymandais. In fact, looking at my copy of Watchmen, doesn’t they look kind of alike?

No… And it’s not the blonde hair either…

I’m thinking a young Rutger Hauer(circa Ladyhawke) with a full head of hair.

Oh, yeah.

Mumy can act circles around Wheaton.

Yes, Wheaton was in ST: TNG. :rolleyes:

Mumy was in Babylon 5. :cool:

Mumy is the right age, the right look… Thing is, Norton would be the right height.

Rorschach isn’t tall.

An excellent actor?

Pass me what you’re smoking, I could use a hit of that.


Nah. Seth Green for my boytoy.


I SO thought the answer to the question asked in the thread title was going to be: NIC CAGE! :slight_smile:

Menocchio, I had never seen Norton suggested. Good call. It is now my default pick.

Honestly. Tell what you’ve seen him in other than ST:TNG.

Go here:


and look at some of his other work. The problem on ST:TNG was the writing and perhaps a lack of maturity, but don’t confuse his struggle with awful writing with his ability to act.