Spears flees rehab again

Britney checked out of Promises after one day…again!

What is going on with her? As fun as it is to watch the freak show, I was hoping she would get a lot out of rehab and become a good mother.

I heard a rumor on another board that the reason she shaved her head is because she got into a fight with Kevin and he threatened to have her hair tested for drugs. This was from a message board post, not even a tabloid, but if it’s true, it explains the shearing.

The UK’s “Daily Mail” said it was lice and somehow involved her hair extensions. (Ugh. WHY do I know this?)

The report seems to come from OK magazine by way of Extra. Those are the sources I always rely on for my news.

Is it true? Is it not true but believed by an alcoholic having a nervous breakdown? We’ll find out in a few years when Kitty Kelly does her tell-all book.

In the meantime, hair grows back in a few days. Tune in next week, same bat-time, same bat-channel for the thrilling conclusion to our saga.

Well, if Mark McGrath says it’s true, it must be! :wink:

So we’ve got:

  1. Lice - according to UK’s Daily Mail
  2. Threatened drug testing - according to Extra

Any other theories?

She’d noticed that it was smarter than her, and one of them had to go?

She’s depressed, confused, messed up, and went a little crazy.

I’d also heard:

(a) her hair had begun to fall out because

  • (1) it was reacting badly to all the things she'd done to it
  • (2) she had begun pulling it out

(b) her hair was increasingly unmanageable because

  • (1) her extensive hair extensions had become increasingly troublesome
  • (2) she couldn't effectively dye it back to blonde after dying it black

Can you tell I’ve been driving my wife’s car the last two days so I’ve actually had morning DJs to listen to?

Judging from her recent upskirt photos, she just wanted to return it to its natural color- bald.

On Monday night, Craig Ferguson’s opening monologue related to Britney’s public implosion. It was an amazing speech, especially for a late-night TV host: sincere, honest, insightful, and funny. He discussed his own alcoholism (currently fifteen years sober), the circumstances under which he bottomed out, etc., and then related it to Britney and the easy way everyone seems to be ignoring what is, or may be, actually going on with her.

Here is the clip; it’s about 12 minutes long, and well worth watching to the end.

Frankly, after watching it, I’ve lost all interest in taking pot-shots at easy, vulnerable targets. (This may well change in the future.)

So what you’re saying is…the draperies match the carpet?

Damn, beat me to it!

Or in this case, the lack of draperies match the lack of carpet.

She’s got an album coming out and is looking for free publicity?

Hardwood cooter?

Thanks for linking that.

That was excellent. Thanks.

The mommy-boards think it’s post-partum depression, FWIW.

Good one.

Even better! :smiley:

Easy? Yes. Vulnerable? Come on! She isn’t some poor, lost waif who can’t help herself. She’s an industry. She’s an employer who’s workers make more than damn near anybody on this board. Her own children and those of others depend on her for sustenance.

The woman has spent years paying her employees and retainers to keep her photo in front of the American public – then she goes clubbing in a miniskirt and no underpants, knowing damn well there will be an army of photographers within inches of her body, and with PARIS HILTON, FERCHRISSAKE!!

Remember what a media whore Madonna was in her early days? Are there photos of her naked cooch splashed all over the internet? Nope! Did Elvis ever hang out with his wang out? Don’t think so! And as bad a boy as Robert Downey, Jr., was/is, no rehab center ever had to install a revolving door for him.

Britney Spears has been given huge opportunities to make something significant of her life, and she squanders them almost daily. She deserves all the razzing she gets.

…and according to the news, just like last week she checks out after a day.

The question is where is she going to tell about it.