"Special Spring" Doper Sign-in

According to Spring Equinox 2016: Everything you need to about earliest spring arrival for 120 years

To celebrate this joyous event just post to this thread with as simple a text as you wish, short or long, or just “+1” to develop a post count of people who like to be in on such things.

Add any Vernal Equinox trivia you know about. :slight_smile:

Some neat facts and details about Equinox might trigger some ideas for discussion.

Another gee-whiz article is at March Equinox - Equal Day and Night, Nearly where it is noted that:

I look forward to vernal equinox because it’s one more little tick of the clock counting down the days until it’s warm enough to ride consistently. During winter we get only a few scattered days when it’s nice enough to ride. Most of the time I have to content myself with going out to the garage and caressing my babies, always being careful to give an equal amount of attention to each one: Buzzy, Pepper, and Coquette. At some point in April, the first real warm day will arrive. I’m waiting…

What sort of “riding” is that, Arrendajo?

Thanks for keeping this from being another dud Zeldar thread! :slight_smile:

When I was in the dorm at college back in the early 60s somebody came up with the idea (and somehow spread it around) for all of us – at some specific moment that I forget now what it was specifically – to slam the door to our room at that precise moment. (I think the chime on the clock tower was the signal).

Mind you, this was years before I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take this anymore from Network (1976).

Maybe between now and 11:30 PM CDT we can come up with some similar mass reaction to the arrival of Spring! Ideas?

Let’s not forget the pagan celebration of Ostara. Celbrated long before Christianity’s Easter.

Without even looking it up to see if I’m right, I can see how Ostara and Easter come from similar roots, if not the same. Nice article!

Scooters – 2 Vespas and a Genuine Stella. Coquette is a GTS 250, my main cruising scooter. Scootergirl and I burn up the back roads and city streets all summer long.
I checked the almanac to see what the average highs are here. April is 61 degrees, so some of those days will very nice high 70s or low 80s – perfect riding weather. Rainfall averages just over 3" in April, so actually less wet than our winters.
One of the local scooter clubs planned to ride to the Daffodil Festival in Junction City tomorrow, and I was all bummed because I have to work all day. But then I checked the weather forecast and it looks like the ride will get rained out, so that made me feel better!
Happy Solstice tomorrow, everyone!

Thanks, Arrendajo, I had about figured the scooter thing out by looking at you profile and some of your posts. :slight_smile:

I wonder what would happen if we all composed a post and were prepared to submit them at precisely 11:30 PM CDT (adjusted for local time, of course). Has that sort of thing been done before – on a signal like that?

I just hope I can remember to do one at that moment…


Hey, I thought I was Queen of the Duds. :slight_smile:

I was sure those were horses! I was picturing you feeding them carrots and lumps of sugar.

Spring has sprung,
The grass is riz,
I wonder where the flowers iz.


An earlier equinox? Oh good. That means hellishly high temperatures will be just that much earlier this year. It’s already baking outside.

Here’s some trivia. My sister’s birthday is March 20th, so I always associate the beginning of Spring with her. :smiley:

I calculate it will be Spring in 33 minutes! Are you ready?

Spring Is Here - The Singers Unlimited feat. Art van Damme

Many happy returns, y’all!

Happy Spring indeed! 'Tis the second best season! :smiley:

I got 11" of snow today. Spring, my ass!!

What is “snow”? :confused:

My sympathies to you. By what date do you expect it will be done with the snow?

I used to think June Is Bustin’ Out All Over by Rodgers & Hammersteinmade little sense for an Alabama boy. But when I realized that song was from Carousel (1956) which was set in New England (Maine, I think), I began to think June might even be early some years! :smiley: