Special wall texturing - bad idea?

I am going to be peeling the wall paper off of my bathroom wall and then I want to paint it. It is a very small bathroom so should be a relatively easy job for me to do, right? I had just assumed that I would get a can of spray plaster and go to town in there and have the orange peel affect. But I didn’t realize there were so many other options available to me. Apparently there are all sorts of crafty textures you can do - but I have never seen any of these in person. Should I try something fancy? Stripes or swirls or suede-like texture? I can imagine it looking very cool if just the right texture was used and it will have a nice muted pastel paint over it. But I don’t know how easy it would be to do? Maybe I should just buy the can of easy spray on stuff and be done with it? I should mention that I’ve never been very artistic and I had poor results when I attempted to paint my kitchen wall with a wisp brush design. Any experience or advice?

Whatever you use, make sure it can take the moisture/humidity of a bathroom.

The suede texture stuff doesn’t wash well. Bad idea in a bathroom unless you want to repaint it soon.

A lot of effects are really easy to do. Theatrical productions use these types of techniques all the time. Stamps can be made out of foam rubber and the design stamped in various places, or at random. Several designs, several stamps, can form one big pattern. A friend has his dining room done in semi-swirls at random and it looks kind of neat.

The danger is if you have an accident and have to patch the wall. Then the patterning has to be matched and you’ve got an issue. Not so much with the little orange peel textures.