Speck the kitten is HOME!

when last the Dope heard, **scubaqueen ** and her girl posse planned to head south to chattanooga, TN this weekend to meet up with XaMcQ and collect a certain tiny little scrap of fur previously mentioned in *this * thread:


and we did. :stuck_out_tongue:

860 miles and two days later, i now sit at my keyboard this sunday evening, and on my lap, completely conked out, is miss Speck. my boy kitty, Turk, is less than amused about the whole situation, but he’ll get over it.

as promised, here are pictures: in the car, and a few here at home.

there are other assorted photos, but turk is the big, gray long-haired bruiser. i think you’ll be able to pick out Speck easily enough, and the black and white fella is my beloved Murphy. RIP, big guy.

Let me be the first to say, congrats on your new, uber-adorable kitty!

head explodes from cuteness


YEAH!!! Speck is still so adorable!!
Sending scritches from us and meows and purrs from our Snickers to Speck! :smiley:

You might want to check Speck’s pedigree (such as it is); that kit’s tail has clear signs of Family Sciuridae among the ancestors.

Cute pics of a very cute kitty! And well done to you for giving the little scrap a home.


<dons black beret, lights cigarette>

Man, that’s squeeeee. I dig the kitten, and the whole thing is just…squee.


**Boy from Mars **thinks I spend too much time on the Dope - but I used this thread as an example to him of the lovely lovely people who inhabit this online world, and what a small world it really is. Good on you Scubaqueen from fellow cat rescuers in Australia! I hope you have many happy years ahead of you together (although you realise your sleepless nights are only just beginning!)

Yay for the new kitten overlord!
Speck has the same coloring as my Smokey then, and now.

I love him.

Happy Kitty! Congrats!

'Tis a fine, fine thing ye have done.

Don’t forget to tell Turk he’s saving a life by sharing his pad.


I think you’re awarded a karma point, Scubaqueen.

Squeee for DoperKitties!


speck has found his spot.

Kittykittykittykitty? Niiiiice kitty? Goooood kitty.

How’s he adjusting to a house with 4 big dogs?

It was nice meeting you, ScubaQueen! I’m glad to hear Speck got to her new home with no problems. All my cats are a lot happier now, but I miss her a little. I hope Turk warms up to her soon.

Awwww! Cutie!! :slight_smile:

Kitten rescuers are my heroes. :slight_smile:

hey, XaMcQ! :slight_smile:

right back atcha. many thanks for helping me get this pulled off.

things have improved greatly in the last 24 hours. yet again, miss speck is ensconsed in my lap as i type. within two hours of arriving at her new home, she discovered the wide-open spaces of my king-sized bed and moved right in. she’s a definite snuggler, which is very good for me. townhouse stairs proved to be no problem at all for her, and, she did NOT spend the night in the laundry room as i’d previously planned. she slept right with me, bless her.

she is the devil incarnate in fur, lemme tell ya.

in the last two days, she has tried to eat my fingers off, attacked my ankles, discovered the three-tier cat perch and its danglies, the joys of the mighty kitty fishing rod, climbed my yucca plants twice (they’re all about 8 - 12 feet tall, so THAT was fun), gotten her front claws clipped in the interests of self-preservation, and helped me re-organize my bathroom vanity drawers. she’s been ***very * ** busy. :smiley:

Turk is not nearly as disgruntled as he was. he’s not embracing her by any means, but there is less growling then there was a day ago and he’s quit hiding behind the second floor landing rocking chair, which is progress. :smiley:

she’s made me laugh more in the last few days than i have in quite some time.