SPECULATIONS: probably unanswerable questions

Things you might be curious about but which there is probably no information to answer them one way or another.

For example: on the one hand female bodybuilders typically have small-to-completely flat breasts (unless they get implants) due to their low body fat index. On the other hand some women suffer from gigantomastia- ridiculously over-bloated breasts. So I was wondering why would happen if a a woman with gigantomastia took up body building, especially if they started young before their breasts stretched out. Would they end up looking like a superheroine, a 40DD bust on an Amazon’s body?

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Is that like asking… if She-ra was drawn dressed in the exact same outfit as He-man, and the scene called for her to hold her sword over her head and shout, “I. Have. The. Power!”
how would the cartoonists have drawn her?

I don’t know.
I’ve never been very good at art…

There have been women who were overweight and had large breasts who became bodybuilders. Mostly, their breast tissue shrank, and their breasts became less full (while their pecs became more developed). I don’t know of any women with gigantomastia who became bodybuilders, but the results would be interesting.

Many women bodybuilders resort to implants to restore the “full” breast look that disappears with extremely low bodyfat levels.

Here’s an example:

I’ve seen even more extreme cases.

That looks more like a common case of an overweight woman’s breasts shrinking once she lost weight. True gigantomastia (=macromastia) is when a woman of normal or only mild excess weight has pumpkins- or in few cases, beachballs- hanging down to her waist.

Well, what are breasts composed of?
Fatty tissue, mostly.
If a woman becomes a true bodybuilder, her body fat levels are going to go very low, so you can predict what will happen to those beachballs.