Speech on anything. What would you choose?

Sooooooo. This is, like, a “say whatever you want” thread?

My cat has a fluffy tail.

Sorry, something went wrong with my browser. Anyway, I have to give a 5-7 min. speech on any topic of my choice, but i don’t know what to choose. I want it to be interesting so that my audience won’t be bored to death. So, if you had to give a 5-7 min. speech for a speech class, and you could choose any topic (within judgement for a college class) what would it be? Or better yet, if you had to sit and listen to someone talk for 5-7 min, what would you want to be listening to?

Hmmmm. Do something a little different.

My cousin had to give a speech on a “your defining moment” for a competition a while back. Everyone else spoke about War or politics or other such important things. She spoke about her defining moment - when her big brother threatened to drop her over the second story balcony. She won!

Well, I was at a speech competition once and this big dorky-looking guy got up and starting talking about raising ducks. I rolled my eyes at first but it was terribly interesting and I learned a lot. Years later some of it still sticks. Go figure. Know anything about domesticated ducks?

How about a speech on how the world would be different if no one had hair?

It’s not really what you’re speaking about so much as how you deliver it. Just try to be interesting. I once gave a speech on Vanilla Ice that brought the place down (I was searching for a topic the day before and there was an issue of People magazine on the coffee table opened to…you guessed it…an interview with the guy).