Speed limit enforcement vans

Hi everyone

Earlier today I was driving with my mom and I wasn’t paying much attention to cars parked on the side of the road. Well suddenly I saw a flash go off in front of me coming from a white van parked underneath an overpass. As I passed the van there was yet another flash (these both were what comes from a camera flash). It took only a second to realize that I had my picture taken because I was speeding, 40 in a 30. We have these vans that will park all over the city and catch speeders. You end up getting a ticket in the mail with a copy of the photos taken of your cars license plates and all relevant details.

Well from what I think I remember, these tickets that people get from being caught speeding result in only a fine and no points. This is in the city and county of Denver. I think this is due to there not being an officer to have actually stopped you, in other words a HUGE money making scam for the city.

Does anyone here know if this is true? I can afford the money but the points…well my job requires a excellent driving record which I have.

Thanks for any answers,

While I don’t really see why it’s a scam, unless you live in the twilight zone, you won’t get points off your license. After all, nobody knows who’s driving.

If it’s anything like here, expect an envelope in a few weeks delivered to the registered owner of the vehicle. Within will be the most expensive photo you ever had developed! Pay, rinse, repeat. An interesting question would be what would happen if you fought it, (revealing that you were the driver), and lost. Hmmm…:dubious:

OTOH, if the photo doesn’t turn out for whatever reason, then nothing happens at all! :slight_smile: This link suggests the error rate can be as high as 44%.

My question about these no-cop traffic ticketing systems is how do the people who have PBA cards, courtiticy badges and actual off duty cops get out of the ticket?

Hey, this is America … go to court and prove you’re innocent!

Thanks for the answers but my question was, does anyone know if there are points asseses for getthing one of these tickets?