"SPEEDER" vanity plate gets bagged for 70 in a 45

Local tv news this evening had a report of the local police trying to control speeding on a brand new 2-mile-long final section of a bypass of a very congested 5-lane “franchise alley” US (17/74) highway into downtown. The bypass opened to traffic on 10/16/05 after several years of studies, environmental mitigation delays and construction over mostly tidal creeks and marsh. Because of the bypass’ design speed being 50 mph, the speed limit on the mostly elevated 4-lane divided fully-controlled-access highway is 45 mph.
The speed limit on the groundlevel 4-mile-long 6-lane older section that feeds into the new section is 55 mph.

The tv news folks were on site to do a report with the police on the speeding problem that was occurring on this the third day of use of the new highway by harried commuters.

The news report showed an officer’s in-car videocam recording the officer’s amazement and amusement over the vanity plate, shown in close-up, SPEEDER, on the pick-up truck that he had just pulled over. The camera then showed the website decal plastered on the rear window, www.ncspeeder.com. (Officer laughs, not quite to himself.)

A visit to the website shows it to be a Raleigh, NC, attorney’s office specializing in getting clients out of speeding tickets in their home county. This violation was not there, but 130 miles away from there.

Well, “everybody knows that you can drive about 9 miles over the limit with ‘no problem’”. This guy was ticketed for 70 in the 45 zone.

I wonder if they know any good lawyers.