Speeding tickets effect on employment!

I got a couple of speeding tickets. First one in 2013 which it I paid off $200 of fine. The 2nd one I got it in August 2014 for which I did defensive driving course and also paid fine. I checked my online driving history report for the last 7 years and it is clear with no points at this time. I want to know if there any other way that to check your history. I am applying for job and me and my friend applied for same job. We sent our CVs only. He was invited for job interview but not me(which is very unusual) . I am making sure if my driving history is the negative factor in this matter.
Your response would be appreciated

Is this a job that involves driving? I have worked several field positions, and the number one requirement is usually a good driving record.

What is the job? It would be very rare for your driving record to matter at all unless your job involves driving. It sounds like your driving record is clear in any case. I wouldn’t worry about it and I doubt there is anything you can do about it if it was a factor. People don’t get called for interviews for all kinds of reasons, many of which you cannot control. It is just a crap shoot and numbers game. Maybe they saw your friend’s resume first and only have one slot and limited interviewing time so they called him in to see if he fits. They don’t have to interview everyone even if they also appear to be qualified.

At least in my experience, driving records are a threshold qualifier for HR - either you meet the minimum standards to be considered for hire (e.g. not more than 4 tickets in the past 5 years, not more than one DUI in past ten years, or somesuch) or you do not. The actual decision as to whether to hire you is based on other things - e.g. a driving test, years of experience, education, how well you answered the silly interview questions about your greatest weakness, etc.

Is the opposite true? Are there companies that will hire you on the basis of an awesome driving record even if you have no experience and do terrible in the interview?

In my experience, companies hiring you for a job that involves driving their vehicles care a lot about your driving record and will check carefully. This includes things like forklifts and lawn mowers, even if you don’t technically need a driver’s license to operate them. Other than that, companies generally don’t check for anything but criminal offenses, so might worry about a DUI or vehicular manslaughter, but don’t care about speeding tickets.

As an employer for people who would drive service vehicles, I never inquire beyond checking for a valid drivers license.

Actually though, now that I think about it, I would prefer someone with a slightly heavy right foot to one who has never been ticketed for speeding. It indicates some fire in the ass…

Was this a state site, or third-party? 'Cause the states that I’m familiar with keep points on record for five years. You can go to the Department of Motor Vehicles, or the equivalent in your state, and get an official copy.

Well, that’s pretty darn nonsensical.

Many of us have never gotten a moving violation because we are smart (or lucky) enough to never get caught. It is essential to obey all rules if anyone who counts may be watching.


Sorry Frank, I quoted the wrong post. I hope this provides better context.

I got this report (MVR) from DMV official website. DDS Ga.

It is healthcare professional job. Not involving any driving!

OP it’s possible they simply liked how your buddy’s CV read better too. If he gets this job, ask him to help you edit yours.

And when Mr. FireInTheAss takes out a crosswalk full of kids speeding to one of your service calls, then what?

I applied for some state job that wanted a complete report of all my driving offenses. I looked up my record online and there were a couple of old tickets I knew about that weren’t there. I called the DMV and asked about it. According to the person I spoke to, the records are purged after a number of years and even they couldn’t retrieve the data on these older tickets. So no, I never got those tickets, and that’s the story I’m sticking with.

One issue here is that for small businesses that do a lot of driving, vehicle insurance costs are a big part of their operating expenses and just like with normal car insurance those costs depend heavily on who’s driving. For a company like that, though a ticket or two probably wouldn’t be a deal-breaker (although it might be for someone under 25) a spotless driving record may be very desirable.

You can legitimately say (under oath if necessary) that you exercised due diligence and found that Mr. FITA had a clean driving record when he was hired.

Did you just send/submit your CV/resume or was there an extensive online application that you filled out? I’d think that they can’t just check out your info based upon receiving a resume but that there’s some form you need to fill out giving them permission to access your records.

Also, did you give them your driver’s license info - state issued & #? If not, they can’t be certain its you; hypothetically, you could be in the process of moving back into the state, back in with your parents, & since you’re a Jr. your dad would have the same name & address.

I hope he’d complete the service call before addressing the paperwork.

Yeah, screw all those dead kids, what matters is protecting your company’s butt.