Speeding up the aging process - T-shirts!

I hate hate hate the ‘new t-shirt’ look*. Does anyone have any surefire way to speed up the aging/fading process for a t-shirt?

I was considering perhaps some brief stints in an oven, or a large number of cycles in a clothes dryer.

I’m looking to complete the process in a few hours, not a few days.

Any ideas?

ok, ok i’ll level with you, I just want to look cool in front of my friends*

There’s RIT Fast Fade, but it’s made for jeans, not lightweight cotton. I’d try it out on a cheap t-shirt or three before doing anything you really like, just to make sure it doesn’t go splotchy or make holes or something weird.

What about washing it and drying it a few times? Use hot water as that causes bright colored clothes to fade.