Speling Notsees Fukc Of!!!

Wy du u allways giv ppl siht bcuz ov speling??? i gess your jst AYNUL u thnik ur beter then ppl hoo cant spel gude!

Wut DIFRENCE duz it maik hou i spel sins u kan neway tel whut i meen. ur jst stuk up bcuz u where taut 2b aynal abowt you’re speling. but u no whut, your jst the reel LOOSERS bcuz u loose mi rispect. U no whut, i hav KNOW consern 4 whut u tihnk. i kan spel neway i wunt two!!! Its nun ov your fukcing biznes bcuz mi riting speeks 4 IT’S SELF!!! Wen u korect my speling u dont caer abowt it’s MEENING u jst wunt ppl too thikn your to smrat 4 ur briches!!! Butt u r NOTSEES bcuz u kan NOT SEE whut im saing. Sew FUKC OF!!!

Du yu haf sumtin aginst mey Ize?


It’s not so much the spelling, but do you really need those extraneous exclamation points at the end of your sentences?


Hey, you spelled four words correct up there, Jomo.


Correctly, that is…:o

I agree with the OP 100%

The correct way to misspell ‘of’ is ‘og’ so get it right next time!

I counted five uses of I…:smiley:
[sub]Kinda hard to misspell I[/sub]

Well, I know, but I wasn’t counting that one because it’s not capitalized. Anytime you don’t capitalize “I”, you’re misspelling it, in my opinion. :slight_smile:

Besides, he could’ve spelled it “eye”. Or even “igh”. :smiley:

That was so funny I siht my pants!

Thanks to babelfish, I am able to provide a translation of the above from l33t to English:

“I am an illiterate loser.”

BTW, if you use the German translation you get something about “Emergency Lakes”, whatever those are.

[sub]Note to Jomo Mojo: I know your OP was parody, so don’t think I’m really calling you a loser.[/sub]

heheh… All the “y du u ppl kair abt speeling?” posts lately remind me of this:

A Horrific LiveJournal

I’ve been meaning to link to it for a while, now, so there it is.

Thars gunna bee sum serius but-cicking heer ef yu kep thiz carp upp.

This makes about as much sense to me as the Swedish Chef.

Yuoo peuple-a ere-a ell crezy, yuoo knoo thet? Crezy muzeerffoockers. Bork bork.


Quick. PLEASE. Someone tell me that’s a joke.

No one is THAT stupid! Right…?

Well in that case, I don’t see as the OPer spelled anything right:p Sure, “your” and “its” were spelled right, but not in context:)

[sub]This ends “Pointless Nitpicks”. Now back to your regularly-scheduled pit rant.[/sub]


That was like reading some diaries from the civil war or something. Good thing I’ve got practice at this sort of thing!

Proper English Translation for the Nouveau Internet Spelling Impaired:

“To those homo sapiens who insist upon following the grammatical standards of the English language, you are cordially invited to have sex outside of the bedstead. For what is the effect on God and man if those grammatical standards are not met when the object and purpose of the thought are clearly projected? The grammarians are nothing but pretentious snobs by virtue of what they perceive to be their superior education. The grammarians are actually subaltern because the Rebel Grammarians hold them in no esteem. The Rebel Grammarians have no concern about what those who follow grammatical standards may ideate about them. The Rebels are of the opinion that their unconventionality concerning grammar regulations is perfectly allowable. When certain persons deem it necessary to correct the Rebels, they do not do so for education’s sake but to convince others of their superiority. They are not, however, superior, because their vision is impaired. So fuck off.”

AlaItalia, your translation is as hilarious as Jomo Mojo’s original parody. Well done, both of you!

And my favorite, the old, “Even though I’m the one who spells like a moron, YOU’RE the stupid one” defense: