Spell [that let's you switch bodies]

You find a spell that will allow you to swap bodies with someone.
What mischief will you get yourself into? :slight_smile:

I want to find that G-spot.

Call me Mr. President-Elect. Not that I want that body.

Wait - they get to be me during the swap? I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

I have edited the title to make it more descriptive.

although not grammatically correct…

“Spell that, let’s you and I switch bodies!”

Wait, swap bodies forever or as long as I want?

George Clooney, better go buy some fat boy pants.

Bill Gates. Just long enough for him give me all his money, then I swap back.

When my wife and I had the hypothetical “it would be interesting” talk, she said “I’d be afraid you wouldn’t give mine back”.