If you could change bodies with anyone else in the world, who would it be?

One stipulation though-it has to be someone of the opposite sex! :slight_smile:

I’d trade bodies with Kirsten Dunst. After about 10 years in my room, alone, in front of the mirror I’d emerge and actually do something, but that is irrelevant. Mmmmmmmm Kirsten Dunst…

Czarcasm. Then I could rule the body of my favorite IMHO mod.
[/serious ass-kissing (that’s hypenated, right?)]

How long would this change last?

Arnold Schwarschenager(?sp)

I would love to know what it feels like to be that strong.


Tommy Lee

I would love to know what it feels like, you know–the schlong.

Silver Fire, I am honored.

Waitaminnit! There are only two IMHO mods, and I am the only male mod.
Oh wotthehell, you can have my bod any time you want it. :slight_smile:

Do we get to change minds too? If that is the case, I’d change with Mr. Lyllyan, just to find out what the hell goes on in there.

If we only exchange bodies, I’ll follow Mighty Tiki God’s lead and trade with Mel Gibson. Of course, I would have to make a naughty video in which I ravish myself.

While Mel has my body I would appreciate it if he would tone it up a bit before he gives it back.

Hmmm, I have thought about this, and I’d like to be Warren Buffet for one day. Send my true self a few dollars and maybe a stock hunch or two…Then hopefully hang with the bro’. (though it might be interesting to try sex with the opposite naughty bits, or even just masturbation. Find out first hand how male orgasms compare to female ones).

And you say you’re honored? Wow.

As long as I can come after a while, I would try the Queen of England. I don’t know why, it just seems like it would be cool to be the Queen.
If not her, then Drew Barrymore, cause she’s just a cutie!

Jennifer Aniston. Sitting and waiting for the “Hi honey, I’m home!” :wink:

(My, it’s getting a little warm in here.)

I would love to have been Cathy Freeman during her 200m sprint in the Sydney Olympics. Of course, had I been inhabiting her body, she would have tripped over her shoelaces about four seconds into the race.

James Threapleton

Um, OK, lets just change that to as long as I can come back after a while. Kinda changes the whole meaning.

Glancing over at the naked picture of him hanging over my computer, I’m going to say Iggy Pop.


  • Lithe, sinewy muscles.
  • Pretty much 0% body fat.
  • A body that can obviously bounce back from the most extreme physical and chemical abuse.
  • Incredibly well hung.

Of course this is based on getting his body at my age or younger. No way am I trading into a body older than my own.

<horny teen mode: ON>
Gwen Verdon, ca 1955. Or Diana Rigg, ca 1966. Either way, I’d lock myself in a room, strip and look in the mirror and …ahem… a lot, until we changed back! ::leers::


<horny teen mode: OFF>

If I was feeling particularly nasty, maybe Ms Clinton and give a stirring resignation speech… :wink:

These all assume the changes are temporary. If they’re permanant, thanks but no thanks. My body’s not a well-tuned machine, but it’s comfortable.

And we’ve got some logistical and ethical issues to consider. Whoever’s body I end up in has the mind of it’s legitmate owner. That person’s mind is either gonna wind up here in my body or vanish. If their mind vanishes, I’m a murderer. Let’s assume that’s not the case. If they wind up in my body they’re gonna A) freak B) look in a mirror/my wallet/etc and find out who I am and ask some pointed questions after we switch back (remember: I know why this is happening. Think how awful it would be if you didn’t know why). There’s also a major issue of “isn’t this some sort of assault? It’s certainly theft.”. No one ever considers what happens to the other person in this sort of scenario.

Probably the ethical method would be to find a woman who wanted to check out la difference and agreed to switch for a while. If for some reason the rules don’t permit that, but require me to switch, I’m going to go shave off my beard and mustache (to alter my appearance as much as possible since they’ll grow back in a week or so and I can just lay low), take a bus to a motel somewhere on the other side of town, ditch my wallet (again so I can’t be identified), and take a couple of sleeping pills so that the other person is as little traumatized (and frankly, reduce my risk) as possible.

Fenris, who may be taking all the fun out of this…

Question for Fenris-

Is it hyphenated? :wink:

Special bonus points for those who understand the question, AND the title of Official Brainiac of the IMHO for whoever knows why the above question holds special signifigance for me.

The Rock. What a body!

Britney Spears.
Then I’d go into porn.

I second Iggy Pop!
I’d love to be some skinny, wire-y, well hung little man who looks hot in leather pants.
Either him, or the dark haired brother from the Black Crowes.
And betenoir? You, too, have a naked picture of Iggy Pop hanging in your room? So this is what it sounds like when doves cry. . . .

Oh my god! A naked picture of Iggy Pop AND a Leonard Cohen sig? I think I’m in love.

(Of course I’d be deeper in love if you actually had Iggy Pop’s body. If it happens, let me know…)

Uma Thurman. No question.