If I had to change gender...

Let’s say for some odd reason you will be forced to become the opposite gender for 30 days. The only rule is that you will be allowed to choose who you become–celebrity, friend, or just retain your own identity just as another gender. Who would you pick? I’d definately pick Zooey Deschanel. She’s gorgeous, has a great fashion sense (I love that she wears pantyhose a lot), and just seems like a really cool person. After all if I have to be a woman, I just think it makes sense to pick someone who’s very feminine. Who’s your pick?

Lindsay Lohan. My life could use a little excitement about now.

I think there might be too much excitement there.

My choice would be my wife, especially if she gets to be me. (I’m not sure that I’d trust anyone else inside my body.)

I can think of any number of gorgeous women whom I could pick. The problem would be that I might not be able to leave the house… :wink:

My answer that’s always my default whenever it has to do with a celebrity: Alice Cooper. I’d even get to play with his snake. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d want to be at least a somewhat effeminate man, I suppose. Jude Law? (Though I think he is incredibly sexy). But I simply have no interest in being a hairy, macho, big man. Yuck.

As a white woman I think i’d choose to be a black man… and an athlete too. Maybe Chad OchoCinco or something!

Wait, you get to be young, beautiful and famous?

And here I was, picturing myself as an overweight, balding, middle-aged woman. :smiley:

Enya. She lives alone in a big Irish castle so I suppose I’d spend most of my days roaming around the castle grounds humming (Enya does nothing but hum) and would spend the rest of my time out buying things.

This. :smiley:

Hmm…Alan Rickman. I could just stay home and listen to myself all day. :slight_smile:

Or maybe Robert Downey Jr, or Hugh Laurie. A few years ago I’d have said Harrison Ford, but he’s getting a bit old these days.

Paris Hilton

Then I won’t have to work, I can blow millions on myself, pretty much do whatever the hell I want w/o worrying about cost or consequence.

The girl I met on the bus yesterday. Oh yeah I’d stay home all day. After an extensive trip to Victoria’s Secret, of course.

My plan for the month in Sarah Palin’s body:

1: Deposit my entire net worth into the bank account of this one guy who lives near the Jersey shore.

2: Porn. Porn porn porn porn porn. If I can convince Bachmann, Coulter, Malkin and O’Donnell into a five-way political-career-ruining orgy, all the better.

Alyssa Milano.

After spending a day or two making porn that I’d email back to regular me. I’d spend the rest of the month at spring training for the Dodgers. I’d get full access to the baseball world and get to see a beautiful woman naked every night, I can’t think of a better way to spend a month, oh ya, unlimited budget too.

I’d probably choose to spend my month as the guy I hooked up with off and on for a couple months a couple years back. He was thin but athletic and pretty cute. Very nice body.

I don’t think I’d leave the house much.

Mitochondrial Eve.

Russell Brandt, he’s already odd enough for my settling in period to go unnoticed. That and he’s boning Katy Perry and I assume has large wads of cash under his mattress. Or maybe Justin Beiber, he’s still looks enough like a lesbian that I might be able to pull chicks I’m attracted to. Plus the even larger wads of cash I assume his parents are holding for him.

Richard Branson. And while I was RB I would set up a trust fund for . . CT_Damsel.
Plan B is John W. Henry; because he owns the Boston Red Sox! Needless to say I would want to change with him during the baseball season. Also he can afford a trust fund for CT_D.

Same- I’d choose your wife too.

Kidding. I’d choose my own wife. I’m not sure how I’d like being fucked as a woman, but if I was going to be, I’d want it only to be by my wife (husband?)