Who would you want to look like if you were a member of the opposite sex?

Okay Dopers, if you were a member of the opposite sex, who would you want to look like and why? The name of a celebrity you’d like to resemble will probably be the best answer since everyone will know what they look like (or can find out on Google), but if you want to give a description instead that’s fine. For the purposes of this question I consider gender identity more important that your actual physical sex, so anyone who identifies as a woman should pick a man/masculine description and anyone who identifies as a man should pick a woman/feminine description. Oh, and your alter-ego can be whatever sexual orientation you like.

As for me, I’m thinking if I were a man right now I’d want to look like Ewan McGregor. He’s quite an attractive young man, but not in a threatening or intimidating way. I know lots of women really like the more “dangerous” types, but I’d wouldn’t like to be the sort of guy who any woman would look at and be scared of or who would cause a girlfriend’s parents to make grim faces if she brought me home for Thanksgiving. So no rugged biker or soulful but emaciated poet look for MascuLamia. No, I’d be a fine, handsome, healthy Scotsman! Okay, I guess I wouldn’t actually be Scottish since I didn’t mention anything about changing ethnicity as well as sex, but I’m sure I’d still look damn good in a kilt. And I don’t think I’d be so much of a prettyboy that other guys would give me too much of a hard time about my appearance (unless I wore a kilt often). Nope, I think I’d be one lucky dude, if I were a dude, and I looked like Ewan McGregor.

Eve Arden.

If I had a body like Natalie Portman’s, I would never leave the house. A mirror is all I would need.

I’d look like Diane Lane. Perhaps the most gorgeous woman in history, she goes quietly underrated by today’s somewhat flashy standards.

Her Beauty has a demure presence and a classic elegance that says " Aegean Blue AMG E55" much more than shouting “Flammin’ Red Dodge Viper GTS”, as so many of today’s “hotties” tend to.
Like Katherine Hepburn, but more so, if that were possible.

The obvious advantage of all this is that she can go anywhere she wants to & have enough presence to command whatever attention she needs, but not so much flasiness as to have every Tom, Dick & Harry catcalling her from six legues away.

What a class act!

Brendan Fraiser

Probably PJ Harvey, because I already look like a male version of her, and I like how I look.

Freddie Ljungberg. His facial bone structure is similar enough to mine, just more masculine. I hope the footballing ability comes with the looks.

myself, ok just kidding.

for some reason i find it somewhat unsettling to see a pair of brother and sister who look so much alike, as if, as if… nevermind

Brad Pitt (I know…trite. But true.) Or Heath Ledger. For obvious reasons. But I guess I’d have to be gay. I doubt that I’d suddenly like women, just because of the sex change.:dubious:

Thora Birch.

Good choice! I’m not sure I’d call her the most gorgeous woman in history, but she is a non-glitzy and beautiful, sophisticated, classy looking lady.

A young Tyne Daly (when she was in The Enforcer) or Alyson Hannigan.

my boyfriend

Gayle Harold (Brian from Queer as Folk). He’s damn sexy, smart and has a presence that commands attention.

Jennifer Aniston

I can’t remember her name off the top of my head, but the actress who played Miss Parker in the TV show ‘The Pretender’. Few women in Hollywood strike me the way she does. Wow.

Ahhh, how sweet. This thread is now closed. No one could possibly top that. :slight_smile:

Elizabeth Taylor in Butterfield 8.

James Franco

I just think he’s beautiful. I’ve had a big thing for him since he was on Freaks and Geeks.


Liz Hurley…

because I know my GF would go gay for her…

Kate Beckinsale or Kate Winselt or Katie Holmes.
Pretty much any Kate.