Who would you want to look like if you were a member of the opposite sex?

Donald or Kiefer Sutherland. Sexy to the nth degree.

whoops… hadn’t thought of that…

change my vote to Michelle Forbes or Suzi Plakston.

Grace Kelly


I hope you don’t mind if I don’t choose a celebrity. I had to google paintings by el Greco the other day and I became reacquainted withthis bad boy. He’s really me, too (I mean, if I were a guy and a monk and beautiful and everything).

That’s what my ex-wife used to say after having lurid dreams about her. That was before she came out of the closet and is now living with her girlfriend.

It’s the g.d. truth, too.

He’s rugged, handsome and cool as hell
He’s pretty much my living, breathing wet dream.
(and we’ve passed the honeymoon stage a year ago)

Bring on the Colin Firth-
So masculine in every sense…he has that face that can look so set, so sincere. My only qualm would be having to live up to that face…
Haven’t seen your SO MissBungle, but he’s gotta be wicked hot to top Mr. Firth.

Lee Meredith.

And I’d wear the nurse outfit all the time, too.

That pic of Grace Kelly was so stunning.

Just had to say something about it!

Winona Rider, assuming there’s not a warrant out for her arrest at the time.

Well, that means the Catwoman outfit would be available…

Courtney Cox, Susan Lucci, or Gillian Anderson.

Beautiful. Hot attitude. And no one is going to get over on them, either.

Vin Diesel, and I’d work out in front of a mirror—can I sound like him, too?

Helen Mirren.

Veronika Zemanova, pre boob job.

(1) Napoleon - by far the best looking man in history
(2) Bill Pulman - looks a little like the above

Julia Stiles.

Actually, maybe I should just look like myself. Seeing as though I’m 5’11 and 135 pounds, I’d probably have guys falling all over themselves to talk me up if I didn’t have that pesky Y chromosome.

That would be Andrea Parker. Not a bad choice…

For me, Catherine Deneuve.

Gee, Catherine looks a lot like Grace…

Hereshe is.

Ok. Yall might laugh, but I think he’s extremely attractive.

Colby Donaldson.