Spicy food cools you down?

Anyone know if this one is true? I was thinking about it while eating some spicy food out in the boiling heat today. Some say it makes you sweat more. Supposedly its why some cuisines in hot climates are spicy, like in southern India.

I’ve also heard say that drinking hot liquids cools you the same way, but it seems to me the heat inside you would cancel the effect out.

It’s about how you feel, and the way your blood circulates, and how much you sweat. I don’t know if these things have been proven, but the hypotheses are based on that.

So a hot drink is supposed to reduce the perceived difference between internal and external temperature. Spicy food is supposed to simulate the same effect. Spicy foods are supposed to increase perspiration and/or blood circulation resulting in improved temperature control.

No idea if any of that works for real. I drink cold things in hot weather and eat spicy foods as often as I can tolerate them in any weather.

At least in my own subjective experience, eating very spicy food has caused my face to sweat and thus given a very cooling effect to that area. I don’t know what (if any) real effect this has on my bodily temperature, but I never recall feeling all that cooler generally after a spicy meal. I’m not at all convinced that a hot drink helps, though; I certainly feel warmer after drinking a coffee or a hot chocolate in the middle of the summer.