Spider Fingers and neuro loss

Well, I thought I would ask a generalized question out of idle curiosity and perhaps providing some entertainment value in on-line medical speculation.

As it happens something like a year ago, I had an interesting medical incident. Something bit my finger in the night. Left hand, ring finger, after the last joint. No loss there, really, but it had some strange effects. First, the finger went all red in the bite area, then after localized swelling went down, the finger, and nothing but the finger, has small white blisters for a good long time, say 2-3 weeks, in which time it initially suffered itching, then went numb down to the last joint on the finger.

Now of course I sought the proper medical attention, but this being Egypt even the expensive doctor really just pokes you and says, “hmmm, must have been a (weird spider beast).”

All well and fine, not being much of a believer in medical care before the need it dire, I was satisfied, so long as Mr. Left Hand Ring Finger is functional.

Now, presently I am mildly intrigued by the continued loss of feeling in this finger, and now being at something like the one year anniversary of the incident I’ve pondered a bit. It’s somewhat interesting – not that I can’t feel anything in the finger, but it does have noticeably less sensation –almost like wearing a glove – than that the other, un-‘spiderfied’ fingers although I also find some pain in the finger on movement. This is intriguing. Perhaps it suffered some neurological damage? And might have been the toxin which could have caused this effect, presuming that it was a toxin.

[sub]Note: this is not a solicitation for genuine medical advice, nor for so sorry etc, etc. Genuine medical advice is best sought from actual in person doctors, and were this actually bothersome that is what would be done. Rather this is an exercise in idle curiosity in the outside understanding that Qadgop the Mercotan and others might amuse themselves.[/sub]

What, no baseless speculation?

Sorry I can’t help hear but you probably need a spider man type to explain more about what’s possible with spider bites. http://spiders.ucr.edu/dermatol.html has some info about venomous insect stings (scroll down to about the middle of the page to get to the spider section.) Howver it starts talking about erythema, edema (bruises?) and pruritis as symptoms and I dunno what those are. It also might help if you could recall the name of the beastie that bit you. Good luck, I’m curious now. Spiders creep me out way too much.

White-tailed spider bites produce a lot of the early symptoms you mentioned, and sometimes cause subsequent necrosis, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t found in Africa and there doesn’t seem to be anything listed regarding numbness as an effect.

Maybe a spider from the same family?

Both black widow and brown recluse spiders have a neurotoxic venom. Reports of permanently deadened regions are fairly common. The symptoms from bite of the brown recluse are variable, and can develop over the course of a month or more.
Can’t seem to find much on nasty leaping spider/scorpion venom beasties from Egypt though. The expensive doctor may have given you the most precise diagnosis possible.

Look up ‘Camel Spider’. They scream like a strangled rat and charge people. They can be the size of a dinner plate. And they like to eat your face.

I kid you not.