Spider-Man 3 villain cast, but who will he play?

It’s just you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, I’m sure the filmmakers cast Church to play a specific role. They know the part he’s going to play, they just haven’t told us yet. I don’t think they’d just cast an actor and then decide later which character he should be.

My guess is that’s what they did, but they want to keep the fans in suspense by not naming the villian.

Another vote for Mysterio here, but I could be persuaded on Sandman. It would be interesting to introduce the black costume near the end of the movie, maybe being a key strenght booster in a battle with whoever the villiain is this time around. I wonder if Toby could do a dark Peter Parker?

You mean so they could use Venom in Spider-Man 4? That’s a thought…

And I had totally forgotten about the Beetle. That suit of his was pretty cool…but I don’t really remember his personality. Can anyone refresh my memory?

The Beetle is now a super hero, having joined the Thunderbolts. He is also a Balti-moron, like me.


The Kangaroo was Austrian? How ever did the lederhosen fit… ?

He’s also black now, but I don’t thin the movies should be held to the current continuity of the comic books. (Except perhaps for costuming; I would be livid if they produced a Captain America movie featuring the Taskmaster back in his old, ugly costume.)


I meant to say Australia, but now that I think about it, a lot of people don’t like Schwarzenegger. Having him as a villain, easily trounced by Spiderman, would let out a lot of tension, and as a way of showing a routine life. (Wake up, brush teeth, defeat lame villain, try not to be killed by major villain, pick up eggs.) Besides, the link below seems to show someone who looks like Schwarzenegger wearing a furry Sonny Bono vest.


I believe this would be his record.

Only Spidey really has his classic costume anyway. Heck, Doc Oc didn’t even wear one at all, not counting the arms.

I nominate:[ul][li]Rodney Rodent, [/li][li]Shoo Shoo Fly, [/li][li]Professor Shaggy Dog, [/li][li]The Black Cat, [/li][li]Harry Gorilla, [/li][li]Iron Shark, [/li][li]Professor Noodle Stroodle, or[/li]Froggy[/ul]

But seriouly, I can’t see Thomas Haden Church as any of the villians in the firm, unless he is hidden behind make-up for the mutated forms of Man-Wolf, or the Lizard, and he isn’t barrel chested enought for Venom. Is it possible that something that John Jameson brought back from the moon contains a symbonite which attaches to Church, skipping Venom, and creating Carnage?

You don’t mean Paste Pot Pete? BWAH-HA-HA! Hoo boy. I guess he would be a good mechanism for getting a Human Torch cameo in the film…
How come nobody’s mention The Chameleon? He was Spider-Man’s first super-villian opponent, wasn’t he?

The Jackal. It’ll lead into the clone storyline, which will last for ten movies.

Sure, but then you’d get all the mouth-foaming conservatives screaming “liberal media bias” before the first reel is over. :wink:


For an amusing bit of Trapster-abuse, check out the Astro City: Confession TPB. The first issue/chapter has a Paste-Pot-Pete-clone (“Glue-Gun”) crashing a party full of super-heroes… and gets taken out by none of them. :wink:

My bet is that Church will be the Vulture, and he’ll be mainly comic relief. A second villian will be the real baddie.

Ooo! Ooo! Arcade!

One being the “Black Cat”.


Venom anyone?


The more I think about it, the more I like the Hobgoblin. I’ll spoiler box it in case anybody hasn’t seen Spider Man 2 yet.

We know that Harry has access to the goblin gear, hates Spider Man, but likes Peter. Easiest way to go would be to hire a professional and give him the gear to kill the spider. Harry stays shiny clean and Spider Man dies.

Plus Haden-Church seems right for the part.

I would love to see Venom as the villain. He is IMHO the best Spider Man villain. I just don’t know how they could do it well in one movie. He deserves backstory and a chance to build the psychotic hatred of Spider Man. Yeah, you could do that with Jonah’s son, but going from uber good boy astronaut to raving psychotic over a break up wouldn’t sit right with me. It also doesn’t give us the symbiote’s hatred to add in.