Spider-Man 3 villain cast, but who will he play?

So it’s just been announced that recent Oscar nominee Thomas Haden Church (best known by many as Lowell on TV’s Wings) will be the villain in the 3rd Spidey film.

However, the press release doesn’t announce who he’ll be playing (and doesn’t necessarily refute the possibility that other villains planted in the previous films–Hobgoblin, Lizard, Man-Wolf–won’t also appear).

So who will Church play?

My vote may be Venom by default, since I can’t imagine him as anyone else major enough, offhand…

Well, it’s probably not the Lizard, since we’ve already met Dr. Connors in the second film. It’d be funny if he were the Vulture–they’d have to shave his head! I’d pay to see that.

I’d like to see them continue to go with “classic” villains rather than someone like Venom, though. The Sandman? The Shocker? Maybe Electro?


Don’t think he’s big enough to play Kingpin. Plus, if they wanted continuity with “Daredevil” (although why they’d want to be associated with that is another issue altogether), they’d have to use Michael Clarke Duncan for that role.

Mysterio maybe?

The thing is, a lot of Spidey’s villains are dumb thugs with gimmicks who work best taking orders from someone else (Scorpion, Shocker, and if I’m not mistaken, Sandman). A character like that would be a waste of Church’s sarcastic style. I think Lizard is a bad idea, just because watching Spider-Man spend 90 minutes fighting a green reptilian-looking monster would be stupid. Vulture is an old man who flies, Electro has a stupid costume, Kingpin was already used in the Daredevil movie, and Man-Wolf just sucks. I still think Hobgoblin or Venom would be the best choices for a villain, or possibly… hmmmm… Mysterio.

That would be awesome. I was just thinking that. Doesn’t really matter what the actor looks like in that case. :cool:

Kingpin is a no-go. They divided up the Marvel universe between the movie companies. Since Kingpin appeared in Daredevil, he can’t be in any Spiderman movie, as they are produced by different studios.

As for who he will be, I’d like him as Carnage, but you can’t go there without first doing Venom (unless they totally rewrite history). I’ll second Vulture.

Y’know, he looks a little bit like Willem Dafoe. He could be Carrion.

Villians I don’t want him to be:
The Vulture - Why was this guy effective? His only power was being able to fly!

The Rhino - Big, dumb, and strong has been done to death. Obviously not in the Spider-Man movies, but in general.

The Trapster - Oooh! He can shoot glue! Big deal. Abut as effective as a five-year old with a tube of Elmer’s.
Personally, my vote is for either for Eddie Brock (Venom) or The Sandman. As much as I would love to see Venom, The Sandman might be better, just so fanboys don’t get their panties in a knot over how they would have to rewrite the Venom backstory (can’t really fit the whole ‘Secret Wars’ thing into a two hour movie, and then still have enough time to use Venom as a villian.)

The problem as Isee it, though, is that we are already at two villians, presumably. We have Harry as the Green Goblin 2, and whoever Church plays. There might even be an appearance by The Lizard, since we got to see Doc Conners alst movie, severed arm and all.

So, who else we got? Stegron and Rhino are just dumb tanks. Craven the Hunter is just kind of silly (why on earth would you name a villain “Craven”?).

I’m not sure Venom or Carnage are doable. I mean, they’d have to give Spidey the black suit first, right? Seems like an awful lot of setup before the main villain even appears.

I’m voting for Mysterio.

The last film had a CGI bonanza with Doc Oc. I think they could repeat the CGI fun with Sandman.

I thought Chloe Sivegny had signed on to play a female villian in this movie? Supposedly Black Cat.

Kraven the Hunter? That’d be strange casting.

That’d get my vote. They could ditch the “mysterious radiation” origin story and make the Sandman the victim of some kind of nanotechnology experiment gone awry. And evil sand (heh) can work, as demonstrated in the recent Mummy movies.

If they really want a Venom character, they could copy the cartoon’s plot and have the black-goop alien glom onto a returning space shuttle, perhaps piloted by the jilted astronaut from the second film. Trouble is, there’s no way to make Venom/Carnage as violent as the comics, without getting an R rating on the movie and I doubt the producers would allow it. It’d be kinda funny to see the masturbating-like-a-motherfuck fanboys getting closer to payoff when the casting of Venom is announced, then hear their whining as the lack of bloodletting softens them quicker than a Golden Girls marathon.

What a horrible use of intermingled images. Eeeewww.

Anyway, on superhero hype, the consensus seems to be that it would be horrible to have J.Jonas Jameson’s’ son, the Man-Wolf be a villian. I don’t see why, because it is possible to make a warewolf be horrifying, without the vibe of “loser” that people assosiate with him.

The Kangaroo!

Is it just me, or are they doing this ass-backwards?

Surely it makes more sense to find an actor who fits an established part than the other way around.

If you wanted to play to Church’s strengths, you couldn’t really go wrong with Jason Phillip Macendale, the Jack O’Lantern and later Hobgoblin II.

Although, if I got to vote, I would want to see him cast as The Beetle and do a plot featuring The Sinister Syndicate from the late 80’s Spidey books: The Beetle, Hydro-Man, Speed Demon, Boomerang and Rhino. The one thing that I feel like we’ve been missing from the comic movies that have been produced so far is a team of villains all with cool visual powers fighting at the same time - you had the Brotherhood in the X-Men but none of the characters they used really had any neat visual powers aside from the typical jumping and flipping acrobatic crap.

Better yet, cast someone else as The Beetle and let Church play Paladin.

You don’t suppose they’d go all Hollywood and cobble together some lame-assed fake supervillain out of whole cloth and loose parts, do you?

Do you?

The Kangaroo, hmmm…

He was simply a Austrian boxer who jumped around a lot, and wore street clothes, albeit 1970s street clothes. He could make a perfect underling, or a good cameo. He doesn’t even need to be named, since cameos need no name, for they are good. Besides, I would want to face of agtns an austrian kickboxer.