Spiderman 3 (Spiderman 1 and 2 spoilers within)

In Spider man 2 there’s a really obvious set up for Spiderman 3, in which it looks like Harry Osbourne will become the Green Goblin. Did this bother anyone else? There’ll probably only be a few Spiderman movies, do they have to spend another one on the same villain (basically)? Personally, I’d much rather see Venom, or the Sinister Six or Doctor Doom than a Green Goblin. In fact, if it is the Green Goblin again (and only him) I’ll be hesitant to spend 10 bucks to see the movie.

Anyway, what are your guy’s predictions/hopes for the next Spiderman?

If you like, you could look for the big Spider-Man 2 thread for more speculation about future villains. I don’t care much either way- the first two movies were so good that I won’t have to think twice about seeing #3. I guess the major upside of making Harry the Green Goblin (should they choose to go that route) is that it saves them the time of developing his backstory and it keeps things sort of ‘in the family.’

that’s not the main thing that bothers me (spoilers in link)

p.s. I believe they will have a more cunning plan than simply another spiderman vs the green goblin movie. possibly another badie alongside (or even in competition with GG)

Plus, they’re following the comics (which not enough comic-based movies do). Harry actually became the second Green Goblin in the comics, making it more poignant when Peter’s best friend became his arch-enemy. I’m holding out hope they deviate slightly and at least make Harry into the Hobgoblin, who would at least have some updated weaponry and a cooler costume. After all, the comic book Hobgoblin stumbled upon Norman Osborn’s hideout originally, so it wouldn’t be too far off.

Of course, they’ve already set up the Lizard, and John Jameson later became a villain in the comics as well.

Over on Fametracker, there’s speculation that the next baddie would be Black Cat, and that Sarah Michelle Gellar would play the character.

I don’t have a problem with a superhero franchise re-using good villains. I always thought they made a huge mistake by killing the Joker in the first Batman movie, for example. And Magneto has made it through two X-Men films so far, and will almost certainly have a big role in the third. So, I don’t have a problem with bringing back someone else in the Green Goblin suit. Except that I really didn’t like the Green Goblin suit in the first movie. I hope they use the third movie as an opportunity to revamp the character design somewhat.

Maybe it’s just me, but he’s a likeable character. There’s the slightest tiniest little smidgen of a hint of good in him.
I agree the Green Goblin suit was just silly. I hope they revamp it (although suggestion is that that stupid mask is here to stay). I had a feeling they were going to revamp the spiderman suit (spiderman binned it, then he mistakingly believed he still had it at one point. I thought the hint was that he was going to design a new one)
Same villain every time works for the Harry Potter franchise. (with the help of significantly different ‘form’ and circumstances, and some interesting sub-villains)

My entirely unsubstantiated, wild-assed guess is that at the end of the third movie, he’s going to get the Venom spidey-suit and use it to whomp ass on GG and whoever else is a villain in the movie. The fourth movie would then be him v. his costume. Which is, let’s face it, the underlying metaphor for the entire comic book.

I don’t know about you guys, but I thought the Green Goblin was a pretty lame bad guy. I mean, he throws pumpkins at people! I know its a comic book, but… pumpkins!? There are some equally ridiculous, but much more interesting and cool villains for Spiderman to fight, in my opinion, and if there will only be a few movies (I mean eventually Tobey Maguire is gonna get a little old for this, or want to do other things) then I’d like to see all the best villains while we can, regardless of their adherence to the comic books. Plus, I think the guy who plays Harry Osbourne is a pretty bad actor.

Also, I’d really like for Fox or whoever to release the cartoons (the ones from the nineties) on DVD. Any word on if this might happen?

I read on IMDB sometime last week that Green Goblin 2 and the Lizard are Spiderman’s villians for installment 3.

As long as Harry’s Goblin suit is an improvement over the Power Rangers gear his dad wore in the first one, it’s fine by me.

But they’re exploding pumpkins!

First two movies were so good?
:confused: :confused: :confused:

Spidey one was terrible!
Ropery cgi and overal cinematography on a par with Might Morphin Power Rangers…
I’ve always thought Venom was the best villian.

I agree on Venom being the best, but the earliest it could happen would be a four or five if it was going to be done properly. As far as I’ve heard, Sam Raimi wants to keep directing the movies as long as he can make them, so Venom would be set up as opposed to dumped in.

On the IMDB trivia page for Spider man 2 it says that the villains for 3 will be lizard and Green Goblin. I know, everybody hates the Goblin. Just think of how effective it will be to have Spidey assaulted by the goblin though. Remember, he thinks that the Green Goblin (Norman Osborne) is dead. He won’t know that it is Harry in the suit. He’ll just see the costume and hear the voice (synthesized of course) and freak out. Throw in the Lizard (Peter Parker friend/father figure/all around nice guy Doc Connors) and you’ve got the right mix of angst and action.

At this point, can’t we all agree to have some faith in Raimi and crew. They haven’t let most of us down yet and likely will not with the third installment.

As for the Black Cat, I would love to see her too. She was the one love interest that could be there for both Peter Parker and Spider Man, so it could really throw a wrench in the Peter/MJ thing. I just don’t see that happening until later.

I read a small interview today with Sam Raimi, and he says outright that he has the basic storyline sorted out (i.e. where Peter Parker’s arc should go), but has not decided who the villain will be. They have several options ahead of them, and will choose the one that works best with the story arc.

They considered BlackCat for number 2, and they’ve already introduced characters that could easily be another villain, particularly Dr Connors (The Lizard) who was cursory in 1 and a little more fleshed out in 2.

Also one direction that Harry Osborne could go is to actively reject becoming the Green Goblin, redemption if you will. I certainly felt that a lot of the wind in his vengeance sails had gone when he saw who Spider-Man really was - and the revelation at the very end that he had to deal with could easily tip him either way. If they had a bit of that struggle mixed in with a new villain then I think that’d work well.

No, it wasn’t. Or at least I was stating my OWN opinion and thus wasn’t obliged to ask you for yours. :rolleyes:

Well, Kirsten Dunst’s stupid self wants Peter Parker killed off so that their spider-like offspring can hear the tales of his father and fight crime. :eek: Why oh why did Spidey save before the car full of kids?? Spidey fans beware!

Fair enough.
I’m probably the only person on the planet that hated Spiderman but enjoyed Daredevil.

Arch Trout = :wally ??? :slight_smile:

I know that the Black Cat was supposed to be about the same age as Spiderman, but I think that Heather Graham would be a much better (and waaaaay hotter) Black Cat.

The next villian? How about Batroc ze Leapair?