Spider-Man: Far From Home - Seen it thread - SPOILERS!

Not lost, but maybe surprised if you haven’t caught up with some specific details. The main story isn’t too contingent on Infinity War’s plot, beyond one central event that isn’t too hard to figure out without help. A lot is explained early on.

Having said that, you should watch them first, because they’re spectacularly good.

I particularly enjoyed the Mysterio-Spidey fights wherein Spider-Man is completely lost in the illusions. That really reminded me of the Mysterio sequences I remember from the comics. Also, “Peter-tingle” :slight_smile:

Thought it was weird no one thought it was weird this superhero from another realm did not have a superhero name already- citizens on his planet just referred to him as Quentin I guess?

Remember the context that Beck claimed he was superheroing in - the last ditch effort to save his world from the Elementals. That removes the need for secret identities. And he could have explained not using the codename he was given for propaganda or intra-organization communication purposes, by saying he didn’t like it.

‘They called me Fishbowl…so Quentin is fine.’

For a moment I was expecting EDITH to misinterpret that command and have the drones attack everyone. Not only does Mysterio have an entire special effects team (including someone who’s only job is wardrobe management) he has no actual fighting or combat skills himself and it shows.

His story was that he was a soldier, not a superhero. I found it odd that Betty Brandt was complaining about having to repeat the school year again when the snapped came back when she obviously had not aged at all.

If I caught the dialogue correctly they were halfway through the school year when the snap happened and they had to repeat that half year. I guess they were unsnapped during the summer.

Yeah, she was salty about having completed midterms and STILL having to repeat the WHOLE year.

Great movie. I was completely entertained.

I wonder how many other blipped teenagers were using their real birthdate and claiming to be over 21 like Flash did. That’s pretty sneaky and totally something a teenager would do.

Loved it. Wasn’t all-in on Homecoming, but this, I loved.

I suspect before too much longer, many jurisdictions will be requiring new ID that indicates whether you were Blipped or not.

Rewatched Sam Raimi’s first two Spider-Man movies. They are still good BTW if you are thinking about doing the same but one thing they focused on that is kind of hinted at but not really in the new ones is how Peter and his family are lower middle class. I guess since he is younger it is less his problem but Mae in the new ones seems to do fine financially.

It’s nice to have one hero that has to worry about money since many (most?) people watching can relate to that.

@ Quimby, I liked that about the old Spider-Man movies. Peter and MJ are kids coming from families with not that much, dreaming of big things. In Spider-Man 2, Mae loses her house, the one Peter grew up in, while Peter worked two jobs and lived in a crap studio apartment. In this movie, Peter is going to Europe for the summer on a school trip, unthinkable in the earlier efforts.

Then again, Peter was BFFs with a multimillionare trust-fund baby in the Raimi movies, so maybe there wasn’t a lot of sense to be made from these class struggles.

I’d like to think that, in the Raimi-verse, Norman made a real point of having Harry attend school with the less-fortunate so he could learn valuable life lessons. I’d also like to think that Harry mentioned this to his classmates at least once a day.

So here’s a thought I had which might be interesting.

If Norman Osborn is really a Skrull, that would make him literally a green goblin.

There is a line by Norman in the first movie about Harry failing out of every private school Norman paid for.

I liked it. The bus sequence where he almost kills his classmate was awesome and hilarious and pretty much worth the price of admission alone.

I have to say, I didn’t really like the whole hologram thing. The last half of the movie just didnt work for me. If anything, at any time, may not be real, you’re gonna lose me cause I’m not going to be invest in that. Too meta for me. I can accept that in a psychological thriller maybe, but not a light comic book movie.

In the books Mysterio was a Hollywood special effects guy, and he also used a hallucinogenic gas on at least one occasion IIRC. The first fight with Mysterio really captured the feel of those early encounters for me, as does the way Spider-Man defeated him by using his Spider-se… I mean Peter Tingle.

Far from home? In Infinity War, Spider Man was literally and figuratively far from home. He was on Titan, described by Tony Stark as billions of miles from Earth, and he was dead, which is figuratively as far from home as you can get. How, then, is Europe far from home? Unless the title is an allegory for Spider Man’s post End Game struggles, Stark’s death, increased pressure on him, feelings of seclusion, etc. But comic book movies aren’t too strong on literary themes. Far from home? I don’t think so.