Spider-Man : Far From Home trailer released

U.S. trailer here, and international trailer.
Not what I expected, but still looks like fun.

What were you expecting?

Looks pretty good to me. Is the other super hero in the trailer supposed to be Adam Warlock? I couldn’t tell but only saw the trailer between meetings so haven’t re-watched it.

I was expecting some sort of aftermath to the Avengers Endgame movie.
I don’t think that other guy is another hero.

Yeah, I guess he’s supposed to be Mysterio, though they have been pretty quiet about it. So, a new villain then I guess.

Not sure of the time line on this movie. I THOUGHT they said it was going to take place before Infinity War wrt time line, so it wouldn’t have anything to do with Endgame, but I guess we will see. I’m pumped about another Spiderman movie…this one seems to be hitting all the right cylinders, unlike the Amazing Spiderman reboot which I didn’t really care for.

I posted about the trailer in the Endgame speculation thread. I assumed that this takes place prior to Infinity War in the timeline, but I guess it might not.

Did Mysterio ever have a face? Obviously he’s a person under the costume, but I only ever remember him being a glass dome in a suit.

He takes the mask off pretty regularly.

Yeah, as Miller says he takes it off pretty often. IIRC, he’s supposed to be a stuntman (ex-stuntman I guess) or something like that who has turned to crime. This might be a set up for the Sinister Six, a sort of league of villains opposed to Spiderman.

He was a special effects guy. He uses his F/X talents to fake having superpowers.

Yeah, that sounds right. I was thinking stuntman, but special effects guy sounds more like the character as I remember him. He does use special effects and smoke and stuff to fake having super powers.

The Ringer points out that Peter’s passport doesn’t show the year for any of its dates, so maybe they’re being deliberately unclear on the timeline.

It lists Peter’s birthday as August 10th.

Spider-Man premiered in Amazing Fantasy #15, which was published on… August 10th.

That does *not *look like Jake Gyllenhaal.

Back in September Kevin Feige said it takes place after Endgame.

If you check 2:12 in the US trailer you see a shiny bubble around his head.

Hey, I’m on board! Go Spidey Go.

Hey, Mysterio is casting hexes that look suspiciously similar to Dr. Strange’s magic!

The trailers obviously won’t show anything that happened in Endgame until Endgame is released.

But it already shows something that happened. Or, a few things, I guess, depending on how you look at it.

I mean, everyone know the dusted are coming back. It’s not a secret. They don’t know how or if any of the “undusted” will die, but Marvel has already announced Black Panther, Dr. Strange, and Guardians sequels.