Spider noises: is this real?

After reading the recent IMHO thread on Huntsman spiders, OneCentStamp commented:

Which reminded me of a video I had just seen.

Jumping Spider Mating Ritual

A male jumping spider is jumping, tapping and flexing to attract the attention of a female (who doesn’t respond much). Early on, very faint sounds can be heard, but they get louder until they sound almost like a motorcycle revving by the end.

Now, my work computer doesn’t have much of a sound card so it’s impossible to tell for sure from here. Can anyone confirm whether the sounds with this video are actually coming from the spider? And if so, how? Tapping? Rubbing? Actual vocal cords?

Great, now I’ve got creepy-crawly sensations going over the back of my neck.

I had issues with your link, but i searched the site and found it. I gotta say, that is some freaky ass sounds that i definitely want to avoid. :eek: The last 15 seconds especially gave me chills. In the middle it does sound like a motorcycle revving: ratatatatataTHUNK!! Towards the end it sounds like a prop-jet plane that backfires a lot.

I have to walk away from the computer since i might have a complex now. :frowning:

Sorry, I screwed up the coding for the link.

Here it is again

That video sure looks manipulated to me.

Cool video, but I shouldn’t have watched it; now I’m all horny.

Don’t wolf spiders whistle? :confused:

Good fucking hell. It may be several hours and a hot bath before my nuts re-emerge from my body cavity. :eek: :frowning:

The exotic pet store where we get crickets for our toads has occasionally had barking spiders, but I’ve never heard the sound they are supposed to make.

Is there really such a thing? I thought that was a punchline out of 6th grade: you fart, then say “Aw, man! I must have sat on a barking spider.” :stuck_out_tongue:

The sounds didn’t really bug me. It’s that thing where they rear up that gets me. Like they’re going to jump up on something and “Rawr!”

And then I pass out.

A bit of googling suggests that it is an alternate name for the bird-eating spider. A large, hairy, tarantula-looking dude that you can look up on your own if you care to.

A trusted friend onces told me he saw a spider hiss at him in Texas. But he was telling a tale to his friends so I take it with a pinch of salt.

Why did it have to be Texas? :frowning:

I predict you will now sleep with the light on.

I dunno–found it quite funny, actually, not creepy. The best is the beginning, when he makes the first 2 or 3 “pops” with his forelimbs–it’s like he’s saying, “at the snap of my fingers, you are Hyp-no-tized! SNAP!” By the end, it just sounds like he’s snoring.

All the jumping spiders I’ve ever seen have been about the size of a lentil. Are there bigger ones found commonly?

The Giant Jumping Spider is very common where OneCentStamp lives.

Little guy has a great sense of rhythm, I’ll give him that.

Is it just me, or does it look like he has an extra pair of legs? He’s got the pair in front that he’s snapping, a pair just behind that and a pair in the back that he’s standing on, and it looks like another two pairs in between that he keeps close in to his body and sort of scrunches up every so often.

I think the fat round pair just behind the ones he’s snapping are his pedipalps.

So how’s he making those noises, anyway?

:mad: damn you all