I think that girl on ‘Car Talk’ came up with a solution. She talked a Paint and body shop to let her put her car in their drying booth. Basically lots of lights - get the car real hot.

Don’t know if this would work, but if you could find a place that you could store your car in say 130 degrees heat or so, it may kill them all.

Yeah, the guy at the hardware store said the same thing. It’s got to be those little mosquitos I’m always seeing - not at lot, but at least one or two a day (I usually roll down the window and politely suggest they exit). He also talked me out of the bug bomb, because he thought it would leave a fine patina of deadly poison in such a small, enclosed place. He added that a good, cold New England winter would probably kill off the spiders, provided it gets cold and stays cold long enough. :frowning:

That is, by far, the best post-to-sig relationship I have ever seen.

Winston, I’ve no advice to offer you but I just had to chime in and welcome you to the boards. Your posts are so funny and I look forward to reading more of your work.

Winston, BEWARE!!! The misquitos are just the scouts!!

Sorry, I’ll try to distribute them evenly next time.:wink:

The paint drying booth idea sounded pretty good.

I don’t how spiders breathe (dopers?), but maybe you could just leave your car on in an enclosed garage for a couple of hours with the windows open. Then open up the garage for a while to let it air out and hope the little suckers are dead. As for the egg sacs, show them no mercy.

Cold weather alone may not kill baby spiders - the spider population does manage to survive year-to-year, after all. I’ll bet that your car’s not an ideal environment for a large number of spiders, though, so I would think they wouldn’t be as hard to get rid of as they might be in a shed or garage.

Whatever you do, don’t set off pesticides in your car without knowing what you’re doing, and give the Lysol a rest. Look through your yellow pages and see if you can find a pest control company that specializes in Integrated Pest Management.

Or, of course, wait for DAVEW0071 to get here. He’ll know what to do.

Not a single spider since the a.m. commute yesterday, and I haven’t seen any of those little mosquitos, either. The only possible conclusion is that they (the Spiders and the Mosquitos) have reached some sort of accord, and they’re plotting my demise as we speak.

Juanita, thank you for the kind words. Would you mind holding this gas can and my lighter while I, uh, check my email?

I would also like to chime in and say your posts are enjoyable ,Winston.

About twenty minutes ago, I was outside having a smoke, and talking on the phone with the Mrs. I walked by the dumpster, and noticed a long, silky thread of spider-web trailing off said dumpster in a light (and refreshing!) breeze. Needless to say, upon spotting evidence of the presence of my tormenters, I turned and walked quickly away. I must have caught the end of the stickly thread on my shirt, becuase when I turned back 'round to face the dumpster, I became somewhat entangled in this long, sticky, single thread of spider web.

I suffered what can only be described as a complete and immediate breakdown of my faculties. I screamed like a little girl, and began flailing, trying to extricate myself from this lassoo of spider-web that I became certain would be used to drag me back to the alpha-spider’s lair. And yes, in case you’re wondering, a small group of my co-workers witnessed the entire sordid affair. I made a quick, lame explaination to everyone, the Mrs. included, and retreated to the Men’s Room for several minutes of face-rinsing and a series of contortions to make sure there were none of the horrible monsters perching on my shoulder/back/whatever.

My God. I’ve got to get a hold of myself.

Didn’t George Carlin used to have a routine about this?
Winston: Try swinging your hands around above your head where-ever you go. It will help.

What actually came to mind was an old “Far Side” comic, with the guy in the snake-house.

BTW, I think I will try the flailing-hands-everywhere-I-go approach. I have no dignity left, anyhow.

Yes, you’ll find people will get out of your way and you’ll never have to wait in line anywhere!