Spike Jones' "Blue Danube"

In his album Spike Jones Is Murdering the Classics!, Jones spoofs “The Blue Danube Waltz.”
He starts out with "…for of all the things the Danube is, The Danube Is Not Blue."
Then comes a short verse saying the Danube is green, followed by a variation on the Irish washerwoman’s song, sung in a thick Irish brogue, of course:
Oh, the Danube is green as a glass in the spring
It’s as green as a dolly that’s set on a pane
It’s as green as the paint that you put on the screen
It’s as blue as–the Danube is greener than green!

It’s that second line, the one about the “dolly,” that I’m not sure about.
Any info, please? Thanx. :slight_smile:

“The Danube is green as the grass in the spring
It’s as green as the dollar you spent on a fling.”

Thank you, music lovers!

Thanks, Olentzero! I tried for so long to decipher that line… :slight_smile: