Spinoffs of Popular Shows You'd Like To See

There’ve been indications of late that we might see a Buffy Spin-off centering around Faith. That got me to thinking about a Buffy spino-off idea of my own I came up with some time back.

The show would center around the idea of the government forming a top-secret organization for the investigation and elimination of supernatural threats. Not another militaristic “Initiative” type organization but more of a Supernatural Intelligence Agency, with Riley Finn as the head of its field investigations squad. Put Riley’s wife and a surviving member of the Council of Watchers (Someone much more dedicated to the stodgy old ways of the Council than Giles or Wesley, someone competent and not as easy to change in their ways.), then they could bring in other Buffyverse characters to fill out the roster. There’s a lot they could choose from: Oz, Jill Raiden, Robin Wood (Assuming he survives this season of Buffy.), Clem, etc.

You could have them travelling all over the world fighting wherever demons flare up in major ways Like imagine them having to liberate a small South American nation whose government’s been overthrown by demons, or get in the middle of a devastating African tribal war fought entirely by two armies of zombies, stuff like that.

And of course, they’d battle smaller supernatural threats as well. The world would be their - and by extension, the series’ - playground.

Don’t lynch me now, but I could really get into Ally McBeal spinoff about Richard Fish and John Cage. None of the other idiots. Just Fish and Cage.

I won’t lynch you. Though I’d avoided it in the past I got into watching Ally McBeal when it first showed up on FX and quite enjoyed the first couple of seasons. Cage and Fish were my favorite characters, though my disdain for Ally only grew as the show wore on and I eventually stopped watching it altogether.

Screw Faith. Spike belongs center-stage or sharing equal marquee space with Willow in any potential “Buffy” spinoff.

But, if you’re going to put together an international team of globetrotting demon fighters, well, how could you leave Spike off the list? And the De Soto really should be a character unto itself. Any forty+ year old car that’s been driven from California to Brazil and back twice ought to be listed in the opening credits.

OK, now, how 'bout a “Simpsons” spinoff, with a grown-up Bart wreaking havoc in the workplace, Lisa having her own blues band, and Maggie just starting to date?

Niles & Daphne could work, I think. Allow all the characters to grow some more. You could probably do much the same with Joey and Phoebe, which would also allow the writers of Friends enough time to show Ross’ irrevocable decent into complete madness. (Oh, right. Like you WOULDN’T want to see that episode, too.)

Or how about a Lone Gunmen spinoff, where the LGMs take on all of “monster of the week” cases from the X-Files, allowing Mulder and Scully to-what? They did that already? They ended it by doing WHAT? :wink:

I heard that a Joey spinoff is in the works. Not sure what it’ll be about, but I’m guessing he moves to LA to become an actor in Hollywood.

I am definitely interesting in a Willow spinoff for Buffy. AH is probably the best actress of the bunch.

In my dreams, Buffy would end with some sort of apocolypse. A little one. Maybe the hellmouth is opened, or something. Anyway, I want lots of destruction with a washed out world that’s more or less ruled by the demons – or at least they have the upperhand.

Willow and Faith, maybe some other characters, are now fighting a loosing battle against the forces of evil. They must be moble and always on the run, traveling from city to city depending on the need. There could be sexual tension apleanty, the sort that doesn’t get resolved because they’re too busy saving the world.

Mmm. Fillow.

Ooh! I’d also like to see Willow in London! I once read some fanfiction with Willow and Tara being bad ass witches in London. If we could bring Tara back, that would be pretty cool.

Maybe they could have an alternate universe, with a different Willow and a different Tara. generally doing their part to save the world?

I’d poke out my own eyes before I’d watch a show about Riley and Mary Sue…I mean, Sam.

I’d like to see a show about Spike, Wesley, and Lilah. I don’t care what they’re doing, just so long as it involves the three of them naked most of the time. :wink:

Seriously though, I was thinking that at the end of the season, Buffy could jump into some sort of dimensional portal and disappear. Giles and Willow goes to England to re-establish the Watcher’s Council, and Faith remains the active slayer. They find out that Dawn can open portals to any dimension, not just Glory’s. Anya dies at the end of S7. So Spike and Xander decide to go find Buffy, along with Dawn, because she can open portals. They get involved with various adventures, solving crimes, fighting demons, meeting new people along the way, and dimensional hopping. To keep tihngs interesting, they find various clues and stay on her trail. Meanwhile, Giles and Willow can have “b” storie so so we don’t lose touch with the current Slayer.

I could go for Spike and Xander, evil-fighting-team, too! They can be the subplot of my NewBuffyShow. :wink:

Yes, please!

But yeah, I think of any of the characters on Buffy who deserve their own show it’d be Willow.

If I were really doing a Buffy spin-off, though, I’d make it a “Tales of the Slayers” type deal. I didn’t like many of the stories from the comic book, but the idea is still sound. There’d still be recurring characters, but mostly it’d be a different slayer at a different point in history for each episode. (Or maybe every two episodes or something like that). Something like “The Love Boat” but they kill demons and they’re not on a cruise ship.

Ooo! You know what’d be neat? That droopy goblin guy that sort of looks like a Shar-pei (Clem?) as Issac the Bartender! I can just see it now – the Love Boat theme, the animated anchor and Clem is there in the life preserver, giving that supercool two-finger point!

I can just see him now, mixing margaritas and dispensing love advice to Morgan Fairchild.

You know what would be great? That 70’s Show with just the parents and Hyde. It would be extra good if Midge came back.

“Just Jack”
Jack McFarland of Will and Grace living by his own means (and by this I mean mooching off different hot men each week). Karen would be a welcome addition though then they’d muck up my title!

“The Vanhoutens”

Milhouse’s journey through geekdom with weekend visits to dad’s singles apt. I guess I’m biased since he’s my fave character.

Hmm…harder than I thought. Not all side characters would be as interesting if the spotlight was on them fulltime (which would be why I’m avoiding Friends).

i think that NBC could have spun (Rob Lowe) Sam Seaborn’s character into his own show when he left after winning the election he wound up running in. I think he became a US Sen. but i’ve missed a couple of episodes. Sort of like the Mr. Sterling show thats on now. that way Sam and cast from the West Wing could make guest appearances on each show and also a big plot could develope between the two shows. That way NBC could have people watching two shows to follow whats going on, making them more money and hopefully more enjoyable TV then reality crap.

“Samantha Jones, Public Relations”

Personally I hate it when networks run two-part episodes strung across two different series, but anything’s better than reality TV.