Spiny Norman Helps Save LAPD Detective Maimed In NY's Eve Motorcycle Crash [Edited title]

That’s my hero and our own Spiny Norman. He did a bit more than what’s reported here, but it’s nice to see him get credit for helping in this gruesome accident. It was not easy to stomach, I can tell you that.

We’re just glad both people survived. I’ve been worried sick and information has been difficult to come by, I guess because the victims were a police officer and his minor daughter.

I did learn that the officer went into a coma, which he came out of yesterday. The little girl had surgery this morning, probably to have her leg set. What the reporter didn’t put in the story was that her femur was protruding from her leg, which could easily have been severed like her father’s was. Seeing a section of his leg just laying in the road, and his boot about five feet away (and knowing the foot was still in it) was so disgusting. I got the attention of one of the responding officers, pointed it out to him and asked if anyone was going to retrieve it, and he just said, “Uhm, no,” and walked away.

“There is part of a person’s leg in the middle of the road in front of our house.”

Wear protective gear, people.

Oh fudge, I forgot to put the link to the quoted article in the OP. Here it is:

Good for spiny Norman for doing his part to help.

What’s also great is that these days this doesn’t have to be a career killer for the cop.

Way to go, Spiny!

Minors shouldn’t be allowed on motorcycles. If adults want to needlessly risk life and limb, so be it.

Though it’s legal, I think it’s reckless to take a kid on a motorcycle. When you consider the legal requirements for child safety devices in automobiles, it’s insane that they’re allowed on motorcycles at all.

Kudos, Spiny Norman and Shayna!

Hooray, Spiny!

Was he not?

And way to go, Norman! :cool:

Go Spiny!
Go Shayna!
Go Spiny!
Go Shayna!


From the reports, apparently helmets were worn. With that kind of impact probably the difference to make it survivable at all – regular street riding gear may not have made for much else, even pro gear may only have contained the mangled limbs in one place.

Good work, Spiny Norman. But damn what a terrible way to ring in the year.

Good job!

I completely agree. Utterly irresponsible.

They were wearing jeans and T-shirts with this style helmets (not even full-face,though at least they weren’t these ridiculous brain buckets we see so often). No leathers, no knee protection, no riding boots, no gloves.

It’s all speculation of course, but at a minimum there’s a chance he may have merely suffered a broken leg instead of a severed (in at least two places) leg.

But at least he and his daughter are alive and don’t seem to have suffered any head trauma, which is the most important thing.

Thanks for all the kudos for Spiny. He really went into action. I, on the other hand, did nothing but gawk. Since I stayed in to talk to the 911 operator while he ran out immediately to help, by the time I got out there, there were already pros at the scene, so there was no need for me to get in their way.

Thanks for all the kind words, but I still maintain that the kudos goes to the guy who commandeered somebody else’s belt and got that tourniquet on. At this point I’m just glad they pulled through - effin’ heartbreaking to hear them call out to each other like that, although I didn’t think about that at the time.

2014 is bound to improve.

The article says “King’s daughter suffered a compound fracture of her left leg”. A compound fracture is one where the bone is protruding, so, yes the reporter did put it in there. :wink:

This reminds me of a line by Seth Myers on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, where he told Seinfeld “[motorcycles] are the cigarettes of transportation.”

No cite for where this originated but I’ve heard them referred to as “donor-cycles”.

WTG to Spiny Norman and everyone else who helped the guy :(.

Well done!

May this be the worst thing that happens to all four of you (Spiny, Shayna, the cop, and his daughter) for the rest of the year. Good work, both of you; Spiny for helping at the scene, and **Shayna **for calling the pros.

Thank you for all the kind words, everyone.

I just came from the meeting our district’s councilman holds every month and gave a presentation about this accident and another one, and the dangers of this intersection. I asked for a protected left-turn arrow to be installed, a longer yellow to allow enough time to get all the way through before it turns red for those who are too close to the intersection to stop without risking being rear-ended, a 2 to 3-second delay between the red and giving opposing traffic a green light, and red light cameras to deter red light-runners.

Everyone was very supportive of all those suggestions, including our councilman. That intersection belongs to Cal-Trans, however, so this will have to go up the chain to get any action on it. In the meantime, we’re going to ask for the police to spend more time watching that intersection and issuing citations if need be. Wish us luck!

People will abuse that. There will still be cars going through on red.

A delay between the red and the opposing green is a good one. Harder to cheat it.