Spit or Swallow?

When you’ve got a cold and a lot of congestion is coming up, do you spit it out, or swallow it? SmithWife is too ladylike spit it out, so always swallows. God Bless Her. Me? I spit it out - blech.

What about you?

I swallow it. Easy rationalisation: you’re pretty much constantly swallowing mucus. Saying blech to the idea is like saying “no, not saliva! Not in my MOUTH!”

Cough it up and spit it out-that’s the only way to get rid of it.

I do my best to spit it out - that mucus is teeming with germs, and all the medical experts I’ve consulted have advised that you should not swallow it (the bacteria/virus that is in your upper respiratory tract may not be in your digestive tract, after all - and putting it there may upset the natural flora of your digestive system). I only swallow it if I have nothing acceptable to spit it into, or if I just can’t get it all the way up to my mouth to spit it out (which is very frustrating). Ladylike? Pshew, nobody’s really ladylike with mucus gumming up the works.

I always spit it out. Swallowing it makes me gag, to the point of nearly vomiting.